NYCFL Bump Tournament Online Open to all schools

2024 — NSDA Campus, NY/US

The Malcolm A. Bump Memorial Tournament, celebrating the career of one of the region's most influential coaches, has endured uninterrupted for over 50 years in various formats. Lately we have been running a one-day online event for younger students, with rounds in Novice and JV Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum. The tournament, which is now run under the auspices of the NYCFL, is open to any official HS registrants (i.e., not limited to NYCFL members). There will be 4 single flights of each event, and juniors and seniors in HS with 200+ NSDA points in that activity are welcome to judge. Fees are minimal, allowing us to purchase slots in the software and contribute to the administration costs of NYCFL. Award certificates will be issued to the top thirds of the various fields plus speaker awards to the top 10% of the PF speakers. Unlike local CFLs, we run a waitlist and enter only enough students from any school so as to maintain a competitive field with no same-school matches.

We hope you will join us this year.