Space City District Tournament

2024 — TX/US

Space City District Qualifier

for the 2024 National Tournament
Spring Woods High School
Houston, TX
Sat 2/24 Sat 2/24 HSE SEN
Debate and IE
Spring Woods High School
Houston, TX


District Congress: Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024 @ Spring Woods High School

Speech & Debate: Thursday-Saturday, March 21-23, 2024 @ Spring Woods High School

Tournament Deadlines:

Monday, January 29th: Congress legislation submitted to Harry Yu at Printed legislation will not be accepted. All legislation should be submitted in proper format on the NSDA template. Schools may submit up to 5 pieces of legislation. Legislation is due at 4:00 PM.

Friday, February 16th: Congress entries must be made on Tab Room by 4:00 PM.

Saturday, February 24th: VERY IMPORTANT - $125 CHAPTER FEE DUE for ALL SCHOOLS!!! All schools participating in the Congress qualifier and/or the Debate/IE District Tournament in March must have their $125 Chapter Fee turned in to the District Chair on or before Saturday, February 24th. If you have Congress entries, just bring this payment to registration at the Congress competition along with your Congress registration payment. If you do NOT have Congress entries, please make sure that the $125 is received by Saturday, Feb 24th and bring the remainder of your entry fees to the District Tournament registration in March.

Thursday, March 14: Deadline for Debate and IE District Tournament entries on Changes must be finalized by 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 20: All schools must bring their registration and final payment to Spring Woods HS between 4:00-7:00 PM. Please make sure to include any drops.

Checks should be made out to:


22602 Northwest Freeway

Cypress, TX 77429

Attn: Perry Beard

Checks should be sent to (or brought to registration):

22602 Northwest Freeway

Cypress, TX 77429

Attn: Perry Beard

Checklist to enter the District Tournament

Checks should be made out to Space City NSDA and sent to Perry Beard at 22602 Northwest Freeway Cypress, TX 77429 or brought to registration is on Wednesday, March 20th.

Registration Form (found on NSDAWebsite)

This year you are to fill out and submit your registration form online. Your submission is due as part of your registration and must include the following information:

NAMES (no Entry A, Team 1, etc.)

Titles of Interp selections, authors, and PUBLISHERS and DATE must be included. Changes will be accepted at registration only and will not be considered after the first round of competition.

Single Entry Letter of Intent for any double entered students

This too is a fill in form online (Single Entry Letter of Intent). You are to fill out the form, print it, then get signatures before you upload the information. Be sure that all signatures are there. NO DOUBLE ENTERED STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE WITHOUT A “SINGLE ENTRY LETTER OF INTENT.”

Orations and Informatives:

Typed copies of orations and informative speeches must accompany the entry.

Script submission should include:

Cover sheet, containing the title, author and signatures of the student and the coach certifying authenticity.

Underline in RED or highlighted directly quoted words (150 word limit).

Changes will be accepted only through 3:00 pm on March 14.

Interp Scripts:

The original published source of any selection used in Dramatic, Humorous, or Duo, or if the source is unavailable, a microfilm or microfiche copy, must be immediately available as well as a complete script of the cutting used. The cutting must include: a photocopy of every page from which any line of the source is taken. Pages are to be in the order in which they are performed, all words used in the script should be highlighted, any word changes and/or additions must be indicated clearly in ink.

Proof of Membership

Coaches must verify that all of their entries were paid members of NSDA, seven days (Mar 23, 2023) prior to the contest.


All Congressional Bills for the Congressional session should be e-mailed to Harry Yu ( Legislation is due by 3:30 pm on January 25th. The committee will review the bills and should have a Congressional docket before the end of the NSDA District tournament which will be published ASAP. To be considered, all legislation must 1) be national in scope, 2) utilize standard legislation format, 3) use the NSDA templates Bill Resolution, 4) not exceed 1 page.


If you would like to nominate a student for the Outstanding District student, please fill out the application and submit with your registration materials. Student of the Year Nomination Form The Committee will select the winner and announce the results before the completion of the tournament.


Fees Individual Event (Speech, LD, or Congress) = $45 per entry Team Event (Duo, Public Forum, Policy Debate) = $65 per entry

$125.00 per school Chapter fee (All schools are required to pay this fee)

This year we will be charging a $250 judge bond. All schools are required to have 2 judges at the tournament for the entirety of the tournament (or one round past when the last round in which students are competing). At the completion of your obligation, your bond will be returned to you. If your judges should miss rounds, your bond will be forfeited. Further missing of rounds will result in your students being removed from the tournament.

The fees are calculated by combining entry and the non-refundable judge fee for each entry.

PAYMENT If your check is larger than your entry fee, we will write a refund check at the end of the tournament. You can pay for District fees and Congress with the same check, but you must pay your Congress Fees AND the $125 District Chapter Fee by the Congress qualifier on February 24th.


Formula for Determining the Number of Entries from the Members and Degrees (Chapter Strength) on Record

1 - 15 members and degrees 4 entries

16 - 20 members and degrees 6 entries

21 - 30 members and degrees 10 entries

31 - 40 members and degrees 12 entries

41 - 50 members and degrees 15 entries

51 - 60 members and degrees 16 entries

61 - 70 members and degrees 18 entries

71 - 80 members and degrees 21 entries

81 - 90 members and degrees 23 entries

91 - 100 members and degrees 24 entries

101-120 members and degrees 27 entries

121-140 members and degrees 29 entries

141-160 members and degrees 32 entries

161-180 members and degrees 33 entries

181-200 members and degrees 34 entries

201-230 members and degrees 35 entries

231-260 members and degrees 37 entries

261-300 members and degrees 38 entries

301-350 members and degrees 39 entries

351-400 members and degrees 40 entries

401-500 members and degrees 42 entries

501-600 members and degrees 43 entries

601+ members and degrees 44 entries

NSDA district tournaments qualify national entrants according to the number of actual participants in each event (participation in at least one preliminary contest round).

Speech, and L/D, Team Debate and Duo

It is LIKELY that we are a Level 3 Qualifier this year:

4-9 entrants - 2 qualifiers; 10-49 entries - 3 qualifiers; 50+ entries - 4 qualifiers

ENTRIES: To participate in the district tournament, a person must meet the following criteria:

Be a member of NSDA as a chapter or affiliate in good standing

Have not attended a secondary school for more than 9 semesters.

Coaches must verify that all of their entries were members of NSDA., seven days prior to the contest (March 14, 2024)

Student points and degrees must be on record in the national Office and are final on March 14, 2024 at 3 PM!

Bonus Entries

A school which enters two entries (two solo entries and two teams) in each and every NSDA category (2 Policy Debate teams, 2 Public Forum Debate teams, 2 Duo teams, 2 L/D, 2 IX, 2 USX, 2 OO, 2 DI, 2 HI) who actually compete (participation in at least one preliminary contest round) in the district tournament may enter 2 additional entries in the tournament but not more than 4 Policy Debate teams, 4 Public Forum teams, 4 Duo Interp teams and 4 students in each solo category.

Double Entry Policy

The District Committee may limit entry to one event in the District Speech/Debate Tournament Series.

Students that double enter in the District Speech/Debate Tournament Series are still eligible to participate in the District Student Congress.

The District Committee may choose to allow double entry in the District Speech/Debate Tournament Series with the following guidelines:

The District Committee is allowed autonomy in terms of double entry; however, no triple entry is allowed in the District Speech/Debate Tournament Series. A student who enters more than two of the following events (HI, DI, DUO, INFO, ORATORY, USX, IX, POLICY, L/D, PUBLIC FORUM), will forfeit national entry, district trophy points and individual District NSDA points.

Students may only enter one team debate event at the District Tournament. [Policy Debate or Public Forum]

If a student qualifies in a team event (PFD, Policy, or Duo) and a Solo event, the student must attend Nationals in the team event, unless he or she qualifies for provision d listed below.

If two students are entered in a team event as partners (and qualify for Nationals) and both also qualify in an individual event, these students may choose to enter the individual events at the National Tournament if pre-registered on the "Single Entry Letter of Intent" form prior to the ending of District Tournament registration. If two students are entered in a team debate event as partners (and qualify to Nationals) and the same partnership also qualifies in duo, these students may choose to enter ONE of the team events (as partners) at the National Tournament, if pre-registered on the “Single Entry Letter of Intent” form prior to the ending of the District Tournament in which the students will potentially double qualify.

A student who is double entered in two solo events at the District Tournament must be determine in advance, in writing, signed by the student, coach, parent/guardian, and principal, the solo event that s/he will enter at the National Tournament. [See Appendix TDA-44]

No student shall be denied entry into an event or denied participation in either the District Speech/Debate Tournament Series or the District Student Congress due to previous National Tournament qualification, unless the student is attempting to enter a second team event or that student has failed to fill out the "Single Entry Letter of Intent" form.

Violation of the above rules will result in disqualification from the National Tournament.

General Information on Entries:


Informative and Worlds Debate included at the bottom of this page.

A student in two events counts as two entries.

A cross examination or public forum debate team counts as one entry. A duo team counts as one entry.

A student may not enter more than two events.

A student may enter both Humorous and Dramatic Interp.

A student may enter HI and DUO or DI and DUO, but must compete in DUO at the National Tournament unless both qualify in other events.

A student may not enter both IX and USX.

A student may not cross enter Public Forum, LD, and CX Debate.

A school may not enter more than four students in any event (with the exception of Congress).

A school may not enter more than four two person teams in CX Debate, Public Forum, or Duo teams

A school which enters two entries in each and every NSDA category (CX Debate, Public Forum, LD, IX, USX, OO, DI, HI, INFO, POI, and Duo) who actually compete in the District Tournament may enter 2 additional students in the tournament but no more than four students in any individual event or four teams in any team event.