The Newark Invitational 2024

2024 — Newark, NJ/US

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 2024 Newark Invitational Debate Tournament taking place at Science Park High School in Newark, NJ from January 5th-7th.

This gathering of minds symbolizes our commitment to fostering excellence in forensics, nurturing critical thinking, and celebrating the persuasive power of words.

We offer competition in LD, PF, and Policy. (Please note that Novice Policy is restricted to the NDCA packet).

We offer a TOC Bid in quarterfinals for Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

For detailed information, schedules, and registration, please follow the link below so you can access the full invitation and Live-Doc.

[Newark Invitational Debate Tournament Full Invitation/Live-Doc]

Embrace the challenge, shape the discourse!

Warm regards,

- 2024 Newark Invitational Team