Sierra District Tournament

2024 — CA/US

Sierra District Qualifier

for the 2024 National Tournament
Sierra Speech
West Bakersfield High School
Bakersfield, CA
Sierra Debate
Fresno, CA
Sat 3/16 Sat 3/16 LD CX PF
Sierra Congress and Big Questions
University HS at Fresno State
Fresno, CA
Sat 4/6 Sat 4/6 BQ HSE SEN

Coaches - if you would like to nominate someone for an award from the Sierra District - please use the form link below

**Sierra Awards Nomination Form**

****** Please see the Belonging and Inclusion Station and World Schools pages for more information******

The Schedule- Please be sure that you and your students arrive between 7:30-8:00 on all 3 competition dates (that you are competing on). We hope to start round 1 for each day at 8:30am and we will progress until all rounds are concluded.

Judges: Please be sure to provide judges.

Money- Please print your invoice from Tabroom and bring a check on Saturday. If you are unable to get a check by Saturday- please be sure to bring/mail a check prior to the Nat Quals Congress tournament on 4/6. If you owe money the the NSDA - you MUST have it paid before your students begin competing

Debate- We will be utilizing Single Elimination for all debate events. Details on this are available in the NSDA High School manual.

Speech - There will be 3 preliminary rounds for all speech events. However, speech events with 7 or less entries will NOT have a final round. Events with 8 or more entries will cut directly (top 6) to Finals after the 3 preliminary rounds.

Coaches- it is your responsibility to make sure that you and your students are aware of the NSDA event rules. Also be sure you have completed the NSDA forms section of registration (Single Entry Preferences and Consent Forms).

**High School Unified Manual**

Extemp Topic Areas - in no particular order

US Extemp

1. US Politics & Elections

2. US Economics, Business, & Industry

3. US Energy & Environment

4. US Foreign Policy & National Security

5. US Supreme Court & Legal Issues

6. US Education, Healthcare, & Social Issues

International Extemp

1. Americas & Caribbean

2. Asia & Pacific

3. Southwest Asia & North Africa

4. Sub-Saharan Africa

5. Europe

6. Global Environmental & Humanitarian Issues