Poorna Foundation Scholarship Series 1

2023 — Online, TX/US


Poorna Foundation

Festive Forensics Festival Tournament

Dear All,

You are cordially invited to attend the Online Poorna Foundation Festive Forensics Festival Tournament on December 16, 2023.

The tournament will be held on a Discord server, the link of which coaches will receive after successfully entering students. We are providing scholarships for qualifying competitors in open divisions. We will also offer a middle school division in all events if entry numbers warrant, with minor prizes. A middle schooler for our tournament will be defined as a student in 6th-8th grade in the 2023-2024 academic school year. The debate divisions will consist of 4 preliminary rounds leading to an elimination bracket. The speech and Congress divisions will have 2 preliminary rounds leading to a final round.

All debate events and extemp will follow the guidelines set out in the NSDA rulebook. Public Address will follow general rules of OO and Info laid out by NSDA; speeches may be informative or persuasive in nature. No visuals/props will be allowed. All entries must be submitted via the Tabroom.com website. We hope to see you there!


The Poorna Foundation Team

More info:

INDEPENDENT/HYBRID ENTRIES: We will accept independent/hybrid entries from any students willing to compete. You must follow the same requirements as any other entry in terms of judging and fees.

CONTRACT JUDGES: Individuals with competitive experience who have graduated from high school and are interested in judging should apply via the Hired Judges link.


Legislation Closes: 11/27 11:55P

Legislation Opens: 11/29 12:00P

Reg Close: 12/15 11:55P

Fees Frozen: 12/14 12:00P

Judging Due: 12/14 12:00P

Drop Online: 12/14 12:00P

Penalty Fines: 12/14 12:00P

TOPICS: LD and PF will use Nov/Dec NSDA topics. Congress will use submitted legislation by entrants, due no later than 11/27/23 at 7:00AM. Public Address may use a speech written by themselves, following general rules of OO and Info laid out by NSDA; speeches may be informative or persuasive in nature. Mixed Extemp topic areas will be released soon.

CONGRESS: Presiding officers will be elected. We will use direct questioning in all rounds. Congress legislation will be submitted by students themselves, sent no later than 11/27/23. If enough legislation is not submitted by then, we will follow the TFA docket. TFA congress legislation will be debated as follows:


Entry Fees:

MS Cong, PA, Extemp, LD $10

MS PF $20

Open Cong, PA, Extemp, LD $20

Open PF $40

Judging Requirements:

IEs 1 judge for every 6 entries, or portion thereof

Congress 1 judge for every 6 entries, or portion thereof

LD/PF 1 judge per 2 event entry

All uncovered judge slots will be charged $100 per judge to cover judge fees.

Charges will be made through Tabroom.

Drop fees:

All drops after 12 PM on December 14 will result in the loss of entry fees. Not showing up to round 1 of your event will lead to a drop from the tournament and withholding of your drop fees.

For any questions/concerns, you can reach the TOs at

Paresh Chotaliya: 832-720-8796; poornafoundationusa@yahoo.com

Ronak Patel: 832-470-4905; ronak.kapur.patel@gmail.com