West Los Angeles District Tournament

2024 — CA/US

West Los Angeles District Qualifier

for the 2024 National Tournament
Los Angeles, CA
Sat 3/23 Sat 3/23 DI DUO HI INF IX OO POI USX
Debate (except Policy)
Los Angeles, CA
Sat 3/23 Sun 3/24 BQ LD PF
Policy & Congress
Los Angeles, CA
Sun 3/24 Sun 3/24 HSE CX SEN

NSDA West Los Angeles District Tournament

Dates: March 23-24, 2024

Location: Loyola High School

1901 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90006

This tournament is open to High Schools who are active members of the National Speech & Debate Association within the West Los Angeles District. Competitors must meet NSDA eligibility rules.

Questions? Contact West Los Angeles District Chair, Leilani McHugh (Lmchugh@fsha.org)

World Schools Entries: Please click here to register your World Schools Debate Entries

Keep checking this page for updates to this tournament.


Lincoln/Douglas: March-April Topic: Resolved: The primary objective of the United States criminal justice system ought to be rehabilitation.

Public Forum: March Topic: Resolved: In the United States, collegiate student-athletes should be classified as employees of their educational institution.

Big Questions: NSDA National Topic - Resolved: Belief in the supernatural is incompatible with belief in science.

Policy: NSDA National Topic - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.

Congressional Debate: Docket is available. See tab on the right of this page

World Schools Debate: Motions are available on the District WSD Registration page on Tabroom.com