Kathryn Klassic at the Beach 2024

2024 — Long Beach, CA/US

CSU Long Beach and CSU Fullerton would like to invite you to our co-sponsored policy debate tournament to be held during Winter Break, the Kathryn Classic at the Beach. Normally CSU Fullerton will host this tournament but we are also hosting CEDA National in the Spring of 2024 and Deven Cooper stepped up to host the Winter tournament as to not overwhelm the Fullerton staff. This tournament is part of an agreement with Georgetown, we will trade-off with one another in order to ensure that there is a major national tournament on the West Coast at least once a year. To that end, the years that Gonzaga hosts a fall tournament, Georgetown will host the Winter tournament. The years that Harvard hosts in the fall, CSU Fullerton will host the Winter tournament. We are thankful for this partnership as we attempt to revitalize policy debate on the West Coast. We also want to thank the community for its willingness to support West Coast debate with your attendance.

Follow this link to the INVITE : HERE