El Dorado Aztec Speech and Debate Tournament

2023 — El Paso, TX/US

The El Dorado Speech and Debate program would like to welcome you to the 2023
El Dorado Fall Tournament. The tournament will be IN-PERSON at El Dorado High
School on November 3rd and 4th, 2023. We will be offering the complete
set of events in IE’s and LD, PF, and Congressional debate. If any events fail to meet
qualifying numbers, then the event will be dropped.

*El Dorado students will be competing at this event*

Congressional Debate will be debating the following pieces of legislation Numbers 6-12 (Prelims, Debated in that order), numbers 13-20 (Finals) of the TFA Fall 2023 Docket.
Please refer to the schedule for event times and cross entry rules. All cross-entries are
at the student’s own risk. If a student does not make their round on-time they may be
dropped, regardless of the reason. Out-rounds will be paneled only if we have enough
judges available. We will break brackets in debate out-rounds.
We will do our best to accelerate the schedule if/when possible, so please pay close
attention to the postings and updates.
More information is coming soon.

Friday Nov. 3
_______ 8:30: Prelims - Student Congress (This is a 3 hour round)
_______ 1:00: Finals - Student Congress Finals (This is a 3 hour round)
_______ 4:30 Debate Rd 1
_______5:30 Debate Rd 2
_______6:30 Debate Rd 3

_______7:30 Debate (Quarters)

Sat. Nov. 4
Extemp draw will begin 30 minutes prior to the round.

_______8:00 PF Debate (Semis)
_______8:30 Prelims Individual Events A (DX, DI, OO, Duet)

_______9:30 LD Debate (Semis)
_______10:00 Prelims Individual Events B (FX, HI, Inf, Duo, POI)
_______11:30 Semis Individual Events A

_______12:00 Debate (Finals)
_______1:00 Semis Individual Events B
_______2:30 Finals Individual Events A
_______4:00 Finals Individual Events B