Omaha Westside Warrior Invitational

2024 — NSDA Campus, NE/US

Welcome to the 2024 Omaha Westside Warrior Invitational debate tournament. The tournament website has been updated and registration is open.

We offer Novice and Varsity competition in the following debate events:

Policy Debate

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Congressional Debate

Public Forum Debate.

*** All Policy Debate divisions will compete online Thursday & Friday. All other events occur on Saturday, in-person. Policy debates resume online Saturday). Only Policy Debate will be held online.**

The 2023 Westside Warrior Invitational continues as a Tournament of Champions qualifying tournament for Varsity Policy at the Final Round.

Entries will be accepted through

We will not accept Independent entries to the tournament. All competing students must be entered with the approval of the school they are representing.

  • Varsity Policy: $20 per team

  • Novice Policy: $10 per team

  • Varsity Lincoln-Douglas: $20 per team

  • Novice Lincoln-Douglas: $10 per team

  • Congress: $10 per entry

  • Varsity Public Forum Debate: $20 per team

  • Novice Public Forum Debate: $10 per team

See the Tournament Invite for more information.

We hope to see you in Omaha!