Blue Valley Northwest Invitational

2023 — Overland Park, KS/US

Our invite is here

We will have two divisions of debate: Open (any and all competitors welcome) and Novice (debaters in their first year of competition). Novices will not be limited by the Novice Packet of Evidence.

Students should be prepared for judges of all styles and experience.

Medals will be awarded to the top 8 teams in both divisions. Sweeps will be determined by your top four teams with entries in both divisions.

All entry fees are $8.00 per team. Registration deadline is November 11th.

We will offer concessions and hospitality for judges/coaches.

There is no judge requirement. However, since this is our first tournament in a few years and I’m unsure how deep our community pool of judges is, coaches or sponsors may be called in to judge. Depending on the size of the Novice Division, Advanced debaters with three or more years of experience may be used as judges for Novice rounds.

All entries will initially be placed on the waitlist. We will admit as many extra entries as possible, but may require judges for entries beyond 6. Hosting a tournament may play a factor in consideration for admission.

Please note: The tournament will be taking place only on the Western side of Blue Valley Northwest. The commons, PAC, and gyms are being used for other activities. There will be signs for entry near the Library directing you. Debaters are expected to stay within the designated area of the building for the duration of the tournament.