Topeka West Debate Invitational

2023 — Topeka, KS/US

Topeka West Invitational 2023

Topic: We will debate the 2023-2023 NSDA fiscal redistribution resolution.

Divisions: We will host a novice and an open division. Novice will be limited to students in their first year of competitive debate. Open is, as the name suggests, open to all competitors. We will do our best to place more experienced judges in Open, but your students can expect to debate in front of parents and lay judge community members as well.

Entries: Schools are capped at 4 entries initially. We will give preference to our Flint Hills District schools, then folks who traditionally attend our tournament and/or give us spots at theirs, and then everyone else.

Novice Case List: The novice division is limited to the NDCA caselist, plus any additional updates we may decide to post on our Tabroom page. We will allow the plan texts that were available at Washburn Rural. We will keep you posted if we believe other updates are critical to the novice debates. If you would like your novices to debate off of the caselist, please enter them in the Open division.


We will do our best to fill our judging needs with our community pool. However, coaches should be prepared to judge if there is a need. If assistant coaches or other sponsors are available to judge, we would love to use them! Please let us know. If you have seniors or juniors who would like to judge the novice division, we would love that! We think it is excellent for novices to get an opportunity to adapt to different types of judges, and a mentoring opportunity for your more mature and experienced students.


Registration 7-7:30

Rd 1 - 8:00

Rd 2 - 9:30

Rd 3 - 11:00

Rd 4 - 1:00

Rd 5 - 2:30

Awards - ASAP


To cover the cost of awards, we ask for an entry fee of $6 per team.


We will award medals to the top 8 teams in each division at the conclusion of the tournament.

1st through 3rd place will receive trophies. There will be a sweepstakes trophy for the top school. Sweeps will be determined by your best two teams in each division (2 open + 2 novice).