Columbia University Invitational 2024 ONLINE

2024 — NSDA Campus, NY/US


Welcome everyone to the Columbia University Invitational for 2024! For this tournament, we will only offer events in Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum with novice and varsity divisions. Our official invitation can be found on our main page, along with our equity policy for this year. We have a few changes and fantastic participant opportunities (more information is within our official invitation).

Once again, we plan for this upcoming tournament to be virtual. We've decided to keep the tournament virtual for another year to widen access for schools nationwide and ease worries regarding traveling. This may not be the same policy for the high school parliamentary tournament we host in 2024. If you have any questions, please refer to and the information provided in the invitational.

Update: In our initial invitation, we previously barred independent entries for the Columbia Invitational. However, after careful deliberation, we have decided to remove this exception. If you are an independent entry, don't hesitate to contact us at so we can have it for our records. Thank you so much, and we plan to update our invitation with the change in the coming weeks.

Happy Prepping! We are excited to see you all once again for our tournament!


The Columbia Debate Society

Updates during the tournament will be posted in the following live documents:

Columbia Invitational - LD Live Doc 2024

Columbia Invitational - PF Live Doc 2024

We are requesting that judges be available in the following Zoom room

Zoom Meeting for Judge Lounge/Check-in: