World Schools Debate Nexus Invitational

2023 — Online, TX/US

WSD Nexus Thanksgiving Break Special
November 25

On behalf of the World Schools Debate Nexus Team, we invite you to attend our 1st Annual WSD Nexus Thanksgiving Break Special! The tournament will be on the 25th of November 2023.

We are hosting this tournament in alignment with the WSD Nexus Non-Profit Goals:

  1. Offering exceptional practice for students who are new to or are learning World Schools Debate through both prepared and impromptu rounds. This is with the ultimate goal of building debaters who will be confident and skilled enough to compete at state level tournaments and excel at nationals as well!
  2. Providing Excellent RFD from national level debaters and coaches alike in order to help develop the skills of new World Schools Debaters.

To learn more about our non-profits goal click here

This invitational will offer World Schools Debate(obviously) and will operate under the National Speech and Debate Association and Texas Forensic Association rules and procedures. Our rounds will be held via discord, tabulation will be will be held through Tabroom.

We request that each team brings a judge of their own in case we are short of judges (Which will hopefully not happen).

Schedule & Motions:
The tournament schedule along with the respective motions can be found on the right hand side underneath the Pages & Uploads section. We will be running this tournament round robin style, therefore there will be 4 rounds and no finals round. This allows us to have a 1 day tournament and not cluster up your Sunday! We also ask that debaters enter the prep call 5 - 10 minutes before the prep start in order to ensure we stay up to the schedule

Registration w/Friends:
If you'd like to register with friends within or outside of your school and cannot utilize your schools team, contact a board member through the discord server so we can register you under our "school."

- WSD Nexus Board of Directors

Important Socials:

Website: (We will get a domain name soon)

Discord Server:

Instagram: @WSDNexus

Twitter: @WSDNeuxs