SFJ Novice After School

2023 — Sioux Falls, SD/US


Updated note: DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 3:00!! My AD doesn't want people in the building until school is out. So, with that in mind, I'm adjusting the schedule a tad bit:

Come in the main doors on the west side of the building. Head south to the academic wings. You can hang out in E-Wing, F-Wing, the learning stairs or the library. Tabroom will be in room F117

Rd 1 - 3:30; Rd 2 - 4:25

Rd 3 - 5:20; Rd 4 - 6:15

Awards - as close to 7 as we can - depending on numbers it will be either on the learning stairs or the library.

I'm also working on internet and it shouldn't be an issue, but will let you know when it happens!