New Mexico District Tournament

2024 — NM/US

New Mexico District Qualifier

for the 2024 National Tournament
Embassy Suites Albuquerque
Albuquerque, NM
Sat 2/10 Sat 2/10 HSE SEN
IE, Debate
Albuquerque Academy
Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico District National Qualifier Tournament Series 2024

Speech & Debate National Qualifier Tournament:

Date: Friday–Saturday, March 22nd and 23rd

Friday 3/22: 11:00AM until ~8:00PM
Saturday 3/23: 8:00AM until ~ 5:00PM
Awards on Saturday: ~3:30PM

Location: Albuquerque Academy, Albuquerque (Enter at the Wyoming/Burlison gate on the west side of campus. Turn left and follow signs for "Lot 1" to park at the East Campus Dining Hall)

Contact with questions: District Chair Hannah Flake (505-306-9086 or

Detailed Information Below:

Hello coaches,

Here is your master-info-email for the upcoming District National Qualifier Tournament. This info will also be posted at

  1. Registration: Due FRIDAY March 15th by 8:00 PM

    1. Register students & judges by logging in to tabroom, clicking your email, and find the link for “New Mexico District” in the middle of the page.

    2. Judge registration is also due at this point. After 3-15, I can manually input judges for you if needed. (More info on judge registration below)

    3. NSDA dues & student fees must be paid at this point. In theory you CAN still enter points and pay NSDA invoices ON 3-15, but I would encourage you to do this ASAP instead of waiting.

  2. Additional items due Friday March 15:

    1. SELI: Enter "prefs" (indicate which event a student prefers to attend nationals in, if they were to qualify in more than one event) by going to the "NSDA Forms" tab within registration and clicking "SELI" (single-entry letters of intent). This is required for any student doing two events, and/or any student applying for the world schools team.

    2. World schools applications due. Find the application at; also attached here.

    3. Nominations for special awards: Student of the Year (must be a 12th grader); Coach of the Year, Assistant Coach of the Year, Administrator of the Year, New Coach of the Year. You must use the forms at, linked here to the right.

    4. Upload scripts in tabroom, same method as at state. Once you add an entry, tabroom will ask you for “eligibility documentation”. You can then choose & upload a file. If you need to add these in after the entry has been entered, you can do this by clicking the pencil “edit” icon by the entry’s name under your entries tab.

      1. Keep in mind: even with this script upload, Interp original cuttings and sources must be available in case of a protest. Bring these hard copies with you to the tournament. If a protest occurs and an original source cannot be located, be prepared for a student to be disqualified.

    5. Judge Strikes: A school may strike up to three judges by emailing Hannah. I will not be double-checking tabroom for these strikes, they need to come by email. I caution you against striking unless you have a serious issue with a judge, and frivolous strikes may well cause the tournament to run behind schedule.

  3. Schedule:

    1. Draft is attached to this email. Keep in mind that this will stay in draft form until the week of districts, as entry numbers determine how many rounds we need.

  4. Details on judge registration:

    1. After you have entered a judge for this tournament, a screen pops up where you can add “Judge Notes for New Mexico District Tournament”.

    2. Add two things in that box:

    3. The first thing you type should be a judge rating. Scale:

      1. (1) - inexperienced judge, only a few tournaments worth of experience

      2. (2) - moderate experience. Has judged for a few years, not an event expert, but not a novice judge.

      3. (3) - very experienced judge. An alumni of speech & debate, and/or has judged for many years, and/or has experience judging at nationals, etc.

      4. © - Coach–the ultimate in expertise!

    4. Please also fill in the judge’s availability. Tabroom can mess this up when we use the shifts feature, so I prefer to see availability typed out in the judge notes, please. If you need to edit availability after you enter a judge, you can click the “edit” button by your judge’s name in the “judges” tab; and/or email me directly.

  5. Food

    1. On Friday, there will be lunch and dinner for judges & coaches

    2. On Saturday, there will be breakfast and lunch for judges & coaches.

  6. Misc

    1. If you have a nomination for alumni of the year, volunteer of the year, and/or communicator of the year, Email Hannah by Monday March 4th. The district has chosen the likely volunteer and communicator recipients, but more nominations don’t hurt, and we do not have alumni of the year locked in yet.

    2. Extra Entries to Nationals:

      1. Each school that has competitors at the district tournament may enter two students who did not qualify at the district tournament to Nationals in supplemental events.

      2. The two students do not need to have competed at districts to be eligible.

      3. The students may enter in multiple supplemental events.

I know this is a lot of information. Please let me know what questions you have. I respond quickly to questions about the qualifier tournament!