Farmington Invitational

2023 — Farmington, MN/US

4th Annual Farmington Invitational

November 3-4, 2023

Farmington High School Debate is excited to formally invite you to join us for the 4rd Annual Farmington Invitational Debate Tournament! We will offer competition in CX (Policy), Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas and Congressional debate as defined by the Minnesota Debate Teachers Association. In Policy only, this tournament will be hosted in a hybrid format with Friday competition being online and Saturday competition being in-person. All other debate will be in person on Saturday only.

Entries: Novice A, Novice B, Novice C, Junior Varsity and Varsity divisions will be available in CX debate. Novice, JV and Varsity divisions will be available in Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas;. Congressional Debate will also be offered. The tournament director reserves the right to collapse divisions if entries warrant such a decision.

Format: To help encourage as much participation as possible, competition in Novice A, Novice B, Novice C and Junior Varsity CX divisions will be tabulated as two independent tournament experiences. Varsity CX will be tabulated as a single tournament spanning two days. A Final Round will run concurrently with Round 5.

For Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas and Congressional Debate, ALL divisions of debate will be tabulated as a single tournament experience held only on Saturday

Also, this is a VERY important reminder. It is ESSENTIAL that your students and judges have Tabroom accounts active and linked. They will not be able to compete or judge without one.

CX Debaters only, Students competing Friday night will access rounds through a link on Tabroom.


CX will debate the 2023-2024 national resolution: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.

**Novice A, B and C debate will utilize the MDTA Novice Packet

Public Forum debate will utilize the November-December NSDA topic: Resolved: The United States federal government should forgive all federal student loan debt.

Lincoln Douglas debate will utilize the November-December NSDA topic: Resolved: The United States ought to prohibit the extraction of fossil fuels from federal public lands and waters.

Congressional debate will utilize the bills linked on the tournament site when they are made available to the tournament manager. An announcement will be sent to registered teams when the legislation becomes available.

Legislation is available on the right side. The finals legislation includes:

  • Ban Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • End All Sanctions

Fees: Entries in Novice debate will be $10.00/day; Entries in COngressional debate are $5.00. Entries in open division PF or LD and CX entries are $15.00/day. Entries in 2 day CX debate will be $25.00

Deadlines: Registration opens October 4, 2023 on Tabroom, and the system will stop allowing new entries and fees will freeze at 5:00 pm on November 2. Judges are due at 5:00pm on November 3. Drops and name changes can be made until 3:00 pm on November 4. **If making changes after 3:00pm, you must talk to a human being in the tabroom to ensure confirmation of the change.

Judges: One (1) judge will cover two (2) entries (teams) or portions thereof. For Congress, the ratio of Judges to entries is one (1) judge to six (6) entries, or portions thereof. All judges must have linked Tabroom accounts,


Friday, November 3

CX Debate ONLY

Online Check in--3:00 pm

Any changes after 3:00 must be called in to the tabroom and confirmed by tabstaff

3:30 pm Tech Check

4:00 pm Rd. 1

6:00 pm Dinner Break

7:00 pm Rd. 2

Awards will be announced via Powerpoint at the conclusion of competition on Friday. Awards will be sent to the student’s school.

Saturday, November 4

CX, PF, LD and Congressional Debate

7:45 am Registration

Any changes after 8:00 must be called in to the tabroom and confirmed by tabstaff

8:30 am Congress Session 1

8:45 am Rd. 1 LD/PF (all divisions)

9:00 am Rd. 3 Policy (Varsity)/ Rd. 1 (JV/Novice)

9:45 am Rd. 2 LD/PF (all divisions)

11:00 am Congress and Policy lunch

11:00 am Rd. 3 LD/PF (all divisions)

12:00 LD/PF lunch

12:00 pm Congress Session 2 and Rd. 4 Policy (Varsity)/ Rd. 2 (JV/Novice)

1:00 pm Rd. 4 LD/PF (all divisions)

2:30 pm Rd. 5 Policy (Varsity)/ Rd. 3 (JV/Novice)

2:30 pm Rd. 5 LD/PF (all divisions)

2:45 pm Congress finals

3:45 pm Final Round LD/PF (all divisions)

5:00 pm Awards

We look forward to debating with you on November 3-4, 2023! If you have any questions, please email me at and we’ll be happy to help!

Rachel Baumann and the Farmington Debate Team

Farmington High School

20655 Flagstaff Avenue

Farmington, MN 55024

Phone: 651.252.2907 (school) 952.240.9551 (cell) Email: