Ad Astra Virtual Debate 5 December 5

2023 — Online, KS/US

We are happy to have you for the Ad Astra Virtual Debate Series. This is a tournament series for Kansas schools, only. We do not hire judges for this tournament, as we expect schools to provide them.

Rob Egan is your contact for this tournament:

  1. Open will debate 4 rounds (to make it valid for state qualification), and novice will debate 3. Schedule is included below.
  2. IF you have not entered your judges, or if you are short judges, please get that taken care of by noon the day of the tournament. Remember- the judges must have an active tabroom account, and they must be able to complete an electronic ballot. Schools will be asked to drop entries if they do not have enough judge coverage.
  3. Naming Convention: It is really important that, if it's at all possible, your students and judges change their onscreen names to make it easy for us to move them to rooms when they can't.
    Judges: Judge and last name (Judge Egan)
    Students: EACH ROUND - Name and Room (Egan Open 1, or Egan Novice 3)
    Coaches: Last Name and School (Egan Wichita Collegiate)
  4. Novices ARE limited to the novice packet found at:
  5. EVERYONE needs to check in BY ZOOM at 2:30. Please make sure you make this time with you and your students. Experience tells us that folks who wait until the start time of a round to check in are often the ones who have tech issues. We will open the zoom meeting by 1:30pm so you can jump in and test things a little early, if you like.
  6. Tech issues are COMPLETELY the responsibility of the teams/schools debating. We can't really risk putting the entire tournament behind because of a few folks tech issues.
  7. If you have questions, email
  8. OPEN Schedule:
    2:30pm: Mandatory Check- In for all schools and competitors

    Round 1 (open): 3:00pm
  9. Round 2 (open) 4:30pm

    Round 3 (open) 6:45pm

    Round 4 (open) 8:00pm

    Novice Schedule:

    **Novices ARE limited to the Novice packet, which can be found here:

    Round 1: 3:30pm

    Round 2: 5:00pm

    Round 3: 6:45pm