Idaho Mountain River District Tournament

2024 — ID/US

Idaho Mountain River District Qualifier

for the 2024 National Tournament
Congress, Big Questions
Pocatello HS
Pocatello, ID
Fri 2/9 Sat 2/10 BQ HSE SEN
Speech, Debate
Blackfoot High School
Blackfoot, ID

Idaho Mountain River National Qualifier Tournament.

IT IS THE AFFIRM DUTY OF EVERY COACH TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE RULES. Rules can be found in the High School Unified Manual here:

Registration Deadlines

  • Congress and BQ - Friday, February 2nd, 8:00 PM
  • Speech and Debate - Friday, February 9th, 8:00 AM
  • The "Of the Year" Nominations are due with your speech and debate registration at 8 AM on Friday, February 9th.


  • Your entry limits are set by NSDA Rules and can be found on the dashboard of your NSDA account.
  • You are limited to 4 entries per event except in House (set by NSDA rules) and BQ (limit is 5)
  • The more congress entries, the more entries we get to nationals. Please consider maximizing your Congress entries.
  • If you are having a hard time registering students, check to make sure they have 25 NSDA points and a full NSDA account. If you are still struggling, reach out to a committee member (Brock, Christine, Dana, Jett, Katie, Robin).


  • Please do not put yourself in the judge pool. Coaches must be available at the tournament to review ballots for their students.
  • Please fulfill your judge obligation. That is how we keep the tournament on time and get to go home before dawn.

Financial Obligations

  • All NSDA and tournament fees must be paid by registration on February 9th.
  • Judge's Bond - $100.00 - Will be reimbursed if all of your judges show up and go to all of their assigned rounds.
  • Entry Fees - $6 per individual event, $12 per partner event

Paperwork- All required paperwork can be found on your entry on Tabroom.

  • Print and sign school consent forms and bring them with you to tournament.
  • Each competitor must complete a single-entry letter of intent on Tabroom before registration closes on February 9th at 8:00 AM. You should print SELI's and make sure they match what you enter online. You should also bring a copy of your SELI's to the tournament.
  • Your scripts for Interps, Inform, and OO must be submitted during registration of the speech and debate tournament on Feb. 16th.Entries without correct scripts are subject to being dropped. You can bring them to the tournament or share them digitally with Christine
  • WS Applications are due with speech and debate registration on February 9th at 8:00 AM. You can bring them with you or email them to Robin at

Scripts- All rules for script verification can be found on pages 48-49 of the NSDA Manual


The Idaho Mountain River District is committed to providing a safer, more inclusive speech and debate competition. To that end, we will offer a Belonging and Inclusion Station as a tournament resource to provide interpersonal support to anyone who feels that an element of the tournament has excluded them. The BIS will also provide safeguards to any concerns about behavior that violates our harassment and discrimination policy.
Anyone seeking interpersonal support or needing to raise concerns regarding harassment and discrimination may visit our Belonging and Inclusion Advocate, Joseph Tyler. In order to contact Joseph, please stop by the Ballot Table located outside of the library at Blackfoot High School.