Timberwolf Invitational

2023 — Coeur d'Alene, ID/US

Timberwolf Invitational - November 3-4, 2023
Lake City High School - 6101 N. Ramsey Rd. Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

We are excited to host you for the 2023 Timberwolf Invitational tournament! We are excited to offer Novice and Open divisions in debate and individual speaking events. We encourage competitors to bring their speech events as they are - even if they're not polished. Don't let the pursuit of perfection hold you back - risk, try, learn!

Policy (CX) Debate

Depending on registration, the tournament will decide whether to hold a Policy (CX) bracket in the Novice and Open divisions. While we want to encourage debaters in all formats in the Washington State and Idaho competitions, we would like to prioritize a smooth and timely tournament. Thank you for your understanding.


As this is our first tournament of the Greater Spokane League, we encourage judges to review the rules of each debate format. Don't underestimate your qualifications to judge! It is expected that a judge should be familiar and competent to judge and give feedback on ballots for the event they are covering. We understand it is difficult to find judges. We are striving to have additional judges to ensure the tournament runs smoothly, but it is important teams meet their obligations.

ChatGPT and AI tools:

We are excited for new opportunities in technology. We do encourage competitors to respect NSDA guidelines on the use of AI generative tools for the sake of ethical and fair competition.

NSDA Policy on AI: “At the 2023 National Tournament, generative artificial intelligence should not be cited as a source; while something like ChatGPT may be used to guide students to articles, ideas, and sources, the original source of any quoted or paraphrased evidence must be available if requested. Students are prohibited from quoting or paraphrasing text directly from generative AI sources like ChatGPT in events in which speeches must be the original created work of a competitor.”