Nebraska Debate Conference

2023 — Omaha, NE/US

Welcome to the Nebraska Debate Conference

October 28, 2023

Marian High School -- Omaha, NE

Room -- Quad

8:15-8:30 -- Registration and Breakfast.

The Marian Debate team will have pancakes and waffles for sale for students. There will be a lounge with coffee and rolls for adults.

9:00 -- Opening Toni Heimes

Introduction of Keynote Speaker Fred Robertson

Keynote J. Scott Wunn, NSDA

9:30-10:15 -- Topic Specific/Topic Analysis Sessions

Room 115 Novice Congress -- “How to Approach the Docket” Victoria Freeman

Room 119 Varsity Congress -- “Secrets of Success in SC” Abby Chan

Room 217 Novice LD -- “Topic Analysis” Jessie Nguyen

Room 117 Novice PF -- “Topic Analysis” Loc Nguyen

Room 111 Varsity LD -- “Topic Analysis” Colten White

Room 215 Varsity PF -- “Topic Analysis” Serena Schadl

Room 113 Novice and Varsity “Topic Analysis” John Holen

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:15 -- Best Practices/Skill Sessions

Room 115 Novice Congress “Parliamentary Procedure”

Presenter -- Abby Chan

Room 119 Varsity Congress “Student Congress -- a panel discussion”

Presenters -- Sky Stefanski, Ellie Kripal, Samantha Evans

Room 217 Novice LD “Novice LD Skill Session”

Presenter -- Fred Robertson

Room 117 Novice PF “Impact Debate”

Presenter -- Spencer Waugh

Room 111 Varsity LD “Skill Session”

Presenters -- Zach Thornhill and Britton Teply

Room 215 Varsity PF “Skill Session”

Presenter: John Holen

Room 113 Novice and Varsity Policy “Skills and Drills”

Presenters -- Dylan Sutton, Carly Persell, and Delaney Ness

11:30-12:15 -- Lunch -- Quad

The Marian Team will be providing a concession stand. Students can purchase food or can bring their own lunch. Lunch will be provided for adults in the lounge.

12:30-1:20 -- Students will choose one workshop

Room 115 Debating in College

Presenters -- Spencer Waugh (Simpson College) and Justin Kirk (UNL)

Room 119 “Critical Theory -- Understanding Names and Ideas” (Varsity Only)

Presenter -- Zach Thornhill

Room 113 Flowing -- Drills and Practice (All events)

Presenter -- Chris Begeman

Room 213 Writing Legislation and Effective Amendments

Presenter -- Rich Brown

Room 111 “Judge Adaptation”

Presenter -- Dylan Sutton

Room 117 “Kritik Fundamentals: an Introduction to K debate”

Presenters -- Jessie Nguyen, Zein Saleh and Joel Hensen

1:30-2:20 -- Inclusivity Block

Room Quad “Belonging and Inclusion in the Debate Space”

Presenters -- Victoria Freeman, John Holen and Colten White

2:30-3:20 -- Students will choose one workshop

Room 115 "Artificial Intelligence and Debate: From Practicing to Researching"

Presenter -- Justin Kirk

Room 119 “Intermediate Kritik Debating - Adapting the Security K to Identity”

Presenter -- Jessie Nguyen

Room 113 “Research Methods for Congress”

Presenter -- Colten White

Room 213 “PF -- “The Winning Message”

Presenter -- Spencer Waugh

3:30 - 4:00 Closing -- Popcorn Bar