Canton Winter Invitational

2023 — Canton, TX/US

Canton High School

Winter Invitational Math/Science/Speech/Debate Meet

Dear UIL Coordinators, Coaches, and Sponsors,

We would like to invite you to our In-Person Winter Invitational Meet on Saturday, December 9, 2023. We will only be offering Math/Science events and Speech/Debate events. Math/Science will be using the TMSCA 12/9 (#6) materials for testing and A+ for the Written Computer Science. Congress will be using the 2023 Fall TFA Docket 1-11. This is an excellent opportunity for your students to build on their testing and speaking skills prior to the spring meet circuit.

Registration and Drops

Please usehttp://cantonwinter.tabroom.comto register your entries. Registration deadline isWednesday, December 6, 2023, at 5PM. You may change names after this date but all drops made after Thursday, December 7 closes will result in the loss of entry fee. Speech drops MUST be emailed to acoppedge@cantonisd.comby 5:00 p.m on Thursday, December 7th. Failure to do so will result in a fee of twice the value of the original entry fee.

Entry Fees:

CX $30 per team LD $15 Individual Speech $10 Testing $10

Judging Requirements:


Cross-Examination Debate—One judge for every two entries, or portion thereof.
Lincoln-Douglas Debate—One judge for every four entries, or portion thereof.
Individual Events—One judge for every six entries, or portion thereof.
$130—Missing judge for any speech event (We prefer judges over fees!)

Please make all checks payable to Canton High School, Attn: UIL.


One judge per testing. In order to assure that the contests move smoothly, we ask that coaches help grade/judge each event.


Medals will be awarded for 1st through 6th place in each event and 1st for each grade in the testing events. In addition, a team plaque will be awarded to the top team in each testing event, as well as the overall team. At this time, we do not plan to split large and small schools.


A concession stand will be available for breakfast and lunch as well as a hospitality room for coaches, judges, and bus drivers.

We look forward to hosting you!


Anna Coppedge

Susie Dorman