SF Roosevelt Sweetstakes

2023 — Sioux Falls, SD/US

Internet Name: SFPSHost

Password: #Connect6600

We will be in-person this year on Saturday, November 11th. We will run 5 prelims, a team must have at least a 3-2 record to advance. We will advance up to a semifinal in NLD and JVPF, up to a quarterfinal in VLD and NPF, and an octafinal in VPF. We are usually close to the awards start time

A network for personal devices will be available for judges to use. Therefore, to run an efficient, accurate, and educational tournament - online ballots will be required for all judges to use. Judges should bring a device capable of connecting to the internet. We may arrange for a few devices if we are told ahead of time of a need.

NEW THIS YEAR: Last year we ran awards after 2 elimination rounds. It worked great as we only had to keep 12 judges after awards! Consequently, all judges are obligated for the first two elimination rounds. We do ask for teams in the Sioux Falls region to provide qualified judges who can stay throughout the entire tournament so we can communicate exactly when judges can go home! Additionally, any judges willing to volunteer to judge VPF semis and/or NPF/VLD finals should please contact me!

Please direct all questions to Luke.Cumbee@k12.sd.us


8:00 General Meeting (RHS Cafeteria)

8:30 Round 1

9:45 Round 2

11:00 Round 3

Lunch in cafeteria (don’t leave!)

12:30 Round 4

1:45 Round 5

3:15 Quarters/VPF Octas

4:30 Semis/VPF Quarters

6:00 Awards (RHS Cafeteria)

6:30 Finals/VPF Semis

7:30 VPF Finals

We look forward to hosting you!

Luke Cumbee

Director of Debate

Jeff Thormodsgard

Assistant Director of Debate