DUDA Middle School Tournament 1

2023 — Dallas, TX/US

Hello! DUDA is excited to host you and your students for our 1st Middle School tournament of the 2023-24 Fall season.

You can find relevant information on the sidebar to the right - the yellow cluster of buttons.

To register to judge, please click "Judge Sign-Up" above, and select the division you feel qualified to judge. In the "Special Instructions/notes" section, please write a few things identifying yourself - are you a DISD employee? are you a parent? are you a high school student judging novice - what high school do you attend? Please make sure you also note any time restrictions on which rounds you can judge.

To register your entries in the tournament, check out this short video courtesy of our friends at LAMDL.

As a reminder: It is important to make your entry as accurate as possible. Every decision we make, from food orders and bus requests to room allocations, judge recruitment, and tournament staffing is based on entry numbers. We understand that students may face unexpected conflicts, but significant changes in the 48 hours before the event prevent us from best meeting the needs of all participants.

World Schools, Policy, and Community Action Debate partnerships must be set by 9:00 AM the morning of the tournament and will not be changed once round 1 begins. Please plan accordingly.

Finally, please check your team’s preparation against this checklist to make sure you have completed everything you need done ahead of the start of the tournament:

  • Have you registered teams in the appropriate divisions?

  • Have you registered yourself and any other coaches your team is bringing as judges on Tabroom?

  • If competing in World Schools, have your students constructed cases for both sides of this tournament's motions?

  • If competing in Policy, have your students constructed their 1AC/1NC positions?

  • Have you disclosed your Policy students cases to DUDA?

  • Have you requested a bus with Student Activities?

We look forward to seeing you soon!