2023 Muleshoe High School GOAT Tournament

2023 — Muleshoe, TX/US

The Muleshoe High School G.O.A.T Tournament

514 W. Ave G, Muleshoe, TX, 79347

October 7, 2023

Schools should not bring students that are COVID positive. Schools should also not bring students that have exhibited COVID symptoms within 7 days of the tournament.

Muleshoe ISD COVID-19 Facility Protocol - Mask optional

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** Meals –Muleshoe’s Speech & Debate team will NOT have a concession stand this year. There are a variety of dining options in town (McDonald’s, Something Different Grill, Leal’s, Taquerias, and Subway). A hospitality room will be provided for coaches and judges only.

There should be a school-approved chaperone with students at all times.

Parking- Please park in the parking lot at the back of the HS, in between the football field and the HS Cafeteria.


Cross-entries –Students may enter three events in Pattern A and in Pattern B. LD Debate, CX Debate and Congress may not cross-enter. Extempers may only enter one extemp.

CX Debate topic is:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.

LD Debate will use the NSDA Sep/Oct Topic:

Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee the right to housing.

Congress will use the Fall TFA docket as outlined below:

Prelims – 26-30, Finals – 1-5


Please let your students know that we will be using direct questioning in Congress.

Entry fees are $10 per IE and Congress, $20 for DUO/DA Interpretation, $15 for LD, $20 for CX.

Team sweepstakes awards will be calculated as follows:

12 points- 1st place

10 points- 2nd place

8 points- 3rd place

6 points- 4th place

4 points- 5th- 6th place

Sweepstakes will be awarded to the top three teams. Top 6 entries in each event will receive medals as well.

Entries are due by 4:30 pm on Thursday, October 5, 2023. All drops should be made before 4:30 pm on Friday, October 6, 2023. Drops after October 6th will forfeit the original entry fee plus 50% of the original fee.


Muleshoe Tournament Schedule

7:30 - 8:00 - Registration @ MHS Cafeteria


7:45 - Extemp Draw RD 1

8:15 - Pattern A (Round One)

9:45 - Pattern B (Round One)

10:45 - Extemp Draw RD 2

11:15 - Pattern A (Round Two)

12:45 - Pattern B (Round Two)

2:00 - Extemp Draw Semis

2:30 - Pattern A (Semis-finals)

4:00 - Pattern B (Semis-finals)

5:00 - Extemp Draw Finals

5:30 - Patter A (Finals)

6:30 - Pattern B (FInals)


8:15 - Round One CX, LD

9:45 - Round Two CX, LD

11:15 - Round Three CX, LD

1:45 - Quarter-finals CX, LD

3:30 - Semi-finals CX, LD

5:00 - Finals CX, LD


9:00 - Prelim Round

2:00 - Final Round

Pattern A: DUO, DI, PO, POI, FX, DX

Pattern B: DUET, INFO, HI, PR, OO

Pattern C:CX, LD, Congress


Congress will use the Fall TFA docket as outlined below

Prelims – 26-30, Finals – 1-5

LD may only enter LD

CX may only enter CX

Congress may only enter Congress

Make Checks payable to:

Muleshoe High Speech and Debate
Attn: Cristian Mora
514 W Avenue G
Muleshoe, TX, 79347

Thank you for attending The Muleshoe High School G.O.A.T Tournament.