Rebel Debate Tournament at UNLV

2024 — Las Vegas, NV/US

Thank you to everyone coming out to sunny Las Vegas for the Rebel Debate Tournament! Some information on our tournament follows -

The tournament will be held primarily in the CHB-C building. (Carol Harter Classroom Building Complex). Almost all rounds will be on the 2ndfloor with one room on the 3rdfloor and one on the 1stfloor available. IPDA topic selection and prep is in the CHB-A building, in room CHB-A106. There are other groups using rooms on other floors of CHB-C, so be courteous because younger students may be roaming the halls. Behind the CHB complex is Lot N, that is a suitable place for parking if you have a rental car. As long as you are not in a green reserved spot, you should not be ticketed. Staff spots are also open on weekends so those are also safe. Punching UNLV Lot N into Google Maps can take you right there.

If you have an online judge, I need to have them marked as such in Tabroom. As it stands I have 2 online judges (Lemuel and Rodrigeuz). We have adapters that can connect an ethernet cord to USB-C or regular USB ports in your computer. If your school runs on Eduroam, our wifi is fine. The guest wifi, however, is spotty. Instructions to use UNLV guest wifi can be found here:

IPDA – we will unfortunately have to collapse all divisions. We will have a breakout novice bracket if possible/needed. If you are a coach that wants to share resolution suggestions you can email me directly atcraig.hennigan@unlv.eduas I’m going to be constructing them over the next couple of days.

Food: Nearby options include the Student Union (Panda Express, SoHo Sushi Burritos), InNOut, Rivas Mexican Grille, Café Rio, Firehouse Subs, Aloha Café, and some more across Maryland Parkway. Find any UNLV student or myself and we can direct you to something quick and nearby.We will have light snacks and coffee available in CHB on the 2ndfloor complimentary.

Reminder of schedule is below:

IPDA Schedule

Saturday, March 2:

8:30 am – IPDA topic selection

9am - Rd 1 IPDA

10:30am - IPDA Rd 2 topic selection

11am - Rd 2 IPDA

1pm – IPDA topic selection

1:30pm – Rd 3 IPDA

3pm - IPDA topic selection

3:30 - Rd 4 IPDA

Sunday, March 3rd

8:30 am – IPDA topic selection

9am - Rd 5 IPDA

11am IPDA Elim Topic Selection

11:30 am IPDA Elim 1 (Bronze)

1pm IPDA Topic Selection

1:30pm IPDA Elim 2 (Silver)

3pm Awards in CBC-A

3:30pm IPDA Topic Selection

4pm IPDA Elim 3 (Gold)

LD Schedule:

Saturday March 2nd

9:30am – Round 1 LD

11am -Round 2 LD

1:30 PM – Round 3 LD

3pm – Round 4 LD

Sunday March 3rd:

9:30 AM – Round 5 LD

11am – Elim 1 LD

1pm – Elim 2 LD

3pm Awards in CBC-A

4pm – Elim 3 LD

5:15pm- Elim 4 LD (If Necessary)