Rebel Debate Tournament at UNLV

2024 — Las Vegas, NV/US

Welcome to the Rebel Debate Tournament at UNLV. We are providing competition in IPDA and NFA-LD styles of debate with 5 preliminary rounds. Open winners in each category will receive a full clay poker chip set and elimination competitors will receive Vegas style awards. We look forward to hosting you in Las Vegas March 2nd and 3rd.

Update - 2/6: We will be allowing a very limited amount of hybrid judges for LD, intended for teams that are flying in to save their costs. After hosting Golden Desert we had a lot of complaints about wifi stability. As a result, we intend to use hardwired ethernet connections in designated rooms for those hybrid judges. That means we'll be trying to have enough adapters for people's laptops and ethernet cords in particular designated rooms. This should rectify issues that we've had with wifi and provide a stable experience without folks dropping connection.