2023 — Des Moines, IA/US


I am so excited. We are nearing 300 total entries across both days and have dwarfed the size of last year's tournament. (GET YOUR JUDGES IN.) Things to know:

Please do not arrive before 4:15pm on Friday -- we need enough time to clear the school of all students and set up hospitality.

Enter and exit from the front doors only. Attempting to do so elsewhere will trigger an alarm. You can park anywhere other than Rider Drive (the painted street).

WIFI: DMPSDebate. Password: TRHS2023

Important locations:

- Tab: Main office conference room (pick up spont prompts here too~)
- Concessions / common area: Cafeteria
- Judges' lounge: Library
- Extemp prep: 1250

Extemp topic areas:

- USX Round 1: Politics
- USX Round 2: International Policy
- USX Round 3: Economy

- IX Round 1: Middle East (West Asia & North Africa)
- IX Round 2: International Economics
- IX Round 3: Europe

Spont topic areas:

- Round 1: Song Lyrics
- Round 2: This or That?
- Round 3: The Best _____

Congress legislation can be accessed here.



Dear Speech & Debate Colleagues,

You are invited to participate in the annual Tournavelt Speech & Debate Tournament at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, IA. We are looking forward to providing a quality educational and competitive experience October 20-21. Below you will find all pertinent information concerning this event. Should you have any questions, please let me know (


Parker Klyn

Director of Forensics


Events Offered

Speech (Friday): Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, Duo Interp, Program Oral Interp, Original Oratory, United States Extemp, International Extemp, Spontaneous Speaking

Debate (Saturday): Congress, Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, and Policy

We plan to offer novice divisions of Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas.

Topics will be Sept/Oct for Public Forum (Arctic) and Varsity Lincoln-Douglas (Housing). Novice LD will use the 2023-2024 Novice topic (National Service).

Note: In the interest of fairness, all novices should be in their first year of high school debate. Students who have competed in debate previously should enter varsity divisions.

Congress legislation can be sent to

If we do not have enough diversity of competition in a debate category, we will make the decision to cancel that event by Monday, October 16. We will make decisions about collapsing speech categories into combined events by Wednesday, October 18.



Friday will provide three rounds of speech with Round 1 at 5:15 pm (extemp draw at 4:45 pm).

Saturday will provide five preliminary rounds of debate and two Congress sessions, with PF/LD/Policy starting at 8:00 am and Congress starting at 9:00 am.



Do your very, very best to provide your full judging obligation. We cannot promise all rounds covered if teams do not bring requisite judging.

One PF/LD/Policy judge = 2 entries

One Congress judge = 8 entries

One Speech judge = 5 entries



Entry is $10/student/event.

Make checks payable to "Roosevelt High School," preferably with "Speech & Debate" as the memo. Feel free to bring them to the tournament or mail them (4419 Center St, Des Moines, IA 50312).