UHSAA Region 15 and 17

2024 — Ogden, UT/US

Welcome to the Region 15 and 17 Championships at DaVinci Academy on Thursday, February 15.

We will be combining judges, because of this you may enter yourself as a judge. You just will not be judging your own Region.

We will be using the March Debate Topics.

When putting in your entry make sure that you enter in the correct Region this is notified by the number in front of the event.

Region 15: North Summit, Gunnison Valley, Grand, North Sevier

Region 17: DaVinci, Venture, APA-Draper, Maeser, Waterford

Entry limits: Each school may enter up 4 entries in each event, students may enter 1 morning event (IEs) and 1 afternoon event (Debate)

Schedule: IE's in the Morning, Single Flight Debate in the afternoon

9:00 am Round 1 IEs

10:30 am Round 2 IEs

12:00 am Round 3 IEs

2:00 pm Round 1 Debate

2:00 pm Congress Session (1 2.5 hour session)

3:00 pm Round 2 Debate

4:00 pm Round 3 Debate

5:15 pm Awards