West Valley Invitational

2024 — San Jose, CA/US

The West Valley Middle School debate team Invites you to the West Valley Invitational which will take place January 6th, 2024 at West Valley Middle School in San Jose California. This is an in-person debate tournament.

This is an open invitation to all schools and academies who would like to participate in a tournament. We are offering 4 rounds of debate (with recognition/certificate awards for those with winning records after 4 rounds.)

We do ask that teams provide their own judges. If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

Divisions: We are offering Novice/Middle School for those who are in Middle School and or are first-year competitors in Public Forum. We are offering JV division for those who are 1st or 2nd year of debate in High School. We are offering Varsity for 3rd year and 4th year debaters in High School.

We have a set fee of $50 per Public Forum team. We will be providing breakfast muffins and juice along with snacks throughout the day.

Schedule for Public Forum

9:00 am Round 1

10:15 am Round 2

11:30 am Round 3


1:30 pm Round 4

3:30 pm Awards


Public Forum Nov/Dec topic Resolved: The United States federal government should forgive all federal student loan debt.

Location and Parking

Our address is 801 Hibiscus Ln, San Jose, CA 95117

Please use our WVMS open parking lot.

Thank you.

Internet Access

Please use the “2017 WVMS” network and log in using the password:


One judge covers 2 entries. The fee is $100 per uncovered entry.

All judges must have Tabroom accounts including mobile phone numbers.

We welcome Varsity debaters as judges for the tournament. The expectation is that any parent volunteer judges will be trained by their school's coach prior to judging at the tournament. Untrained parent volunteers do not cover a school's judging obligation. Judges are expected to provide constructive and encouraging oral feedback in every debate and to disclose the winner of each debate. Judges are expected to make every debate welcoming and be mindful of the age of student competitors. Judges may not use profanity, may not comment on students' appearance, and should give every student positive feedback alongside suggestions for improvement. Inappropriate comments or actions toward students will result in judges being dismissed from the tournament.

Entry Fees

Options to pay your entry fees:

1. You may mail a check payable to “West Valley Middle School” to the following address: 801 Hibiscus Lane San Jose, CA 95117

2. Bring a check on the day of the tournament

Thank you and we look forward to hosting you!

Bianca Sanchez




West Valley Middle School

Speech and Debate