Boerne Champion TFA Tournament

2023 — Boerne, TX/US




Presented by Boerne Samuel V. Champion High School

Hosted by Advisor Ken Reischling

Officers Christine Shneiker, Avery Knight, Carter Lange, and Kaleo Leach

Welcome to Boerne, in the beautiful hill country, 30 miles northwest of San Antonio. We are excited to host our seventh annual TFA Speech and Debate tournament on October 28, 2023.

All TFA rules and topics will be followed. Novice LD will use the Varsity LD topic. We will NOT break brackets in debate.

Please check out the links to the right of the webpage for WSD motions, Congressional docket, Extemp topics, schedule and w9 form.

Boerne Champion novices and World Schools teams may compete for awards.

Student Congress: We will use items 1-5 for prelims and 25-30 for finals. As per the amendment that passed at the TSCA convention on 10/13, the docket order will be set. The TFA Constitution states, "Following the first two speeches on legislation, the presiding officer will alternately recognize affirmative and negative speakers...There is no “minimum cycle.” (Page 67, Section 2)

Pre-Set Prelims Docket:

4 - National Parks Protection Act of 2023

3 - A Resolution to Place Tariffs on Microchips Exported to China to Mitigate the Security Threat Posed by Chinese Militarization

2 - The OASIS Act 2023

5 - A Bill to Fund Public Transportation to Decrease Carbon Emissions

1 - A Bill to End International Labor Exploitations

Pre-Set Finals Docket:

27 - A Bill to Ban Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts (B.A.C.E. ACT)

30 - A Bill to Require Citizens Charged with Non-Violent Misdemeanors to be Released on Personal Bond

25 - A Bill to Increase US Railway Safety

26 - A Resolution to Eliminate Privately Owned or For-Profit Mental Health Facilities for Youth in the United States

29 - A Resolution to Establish Diplomatic Relations and Recognize the Palestinian State

28 - A Bill to Incentivize Dementia Villages

Contact Ken Reischling at

If you are interested in being hired to judge, please fill out and email the forms to the right of the webpage.