Jasper Howl

2024 — Plano, TX/US

Dear Colleagues,

You and your teams are cordially invited to attend the 2nd edition of the Jasper Howl Invitational. Yes, we changed the name slightly. Plano ISD did a thing with the senior high schools and we had to change mascots. Don't ask.

We are looking forward to hosting you in person on Friday, Saturday, February 2-3, 2024 for all events.

We are a TFA state qualifying and NIETOC qualifying tournament. Our We will continue to offer World Schools debate as part of the tournament schedule. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the Colleyville Heritage tournament not happening this year (hoping to help bring that back next year), the Tournament of Champions has designated the Jasper Howl as a TOC Qualifier in Policy/CX; LD; and PF debate. We are also offering a TOC bid in IE's. We will be offering the following bids this year:

Public Forum- Finals (Gold = Top 2, Silver = Non-Advancing Semifinalists)

Lincoln Douglas-Finals

Policy Debate-Semifinals

Follow the links to other pages that will help you better understand the events, fees, schedule, and requirements for the tournament. Here are some of the things you will find:

  • Three preliminary rounds of IE's starting on Friday; some conflict with Congress; please check that. DX/FX also conflict so please don't enter your students in both
  • One of the most experienced and hard working tab room staffs in the business. We will be bringing in a lot of the same folks that assisted in our previous hosting experience. We will run an efficient, but equitable schedule that will cater to student and coach needs.
  • World Schools debate competition. We will offer as many rounds as is appropriate with the number of schools who will be entered.
  • A well stocked coach/judge lounge and concessions for students
  • A supportive competitive environment by an administration who has embraced speech and debate. In short, we promise to give you one of the best tournament experiences you will have this year.

Please choose to join us.

Dave Huston, Jasper Speech and Debate

Jasper HS, Plano, TX

Dave.Huston@pisd.edu (school e-mail)