Montana 23 24 Standard Tournament

2023 — Billings, MT/US

Hi folks,

My goal is to use this page for two things.

First, I'd like as many school to register for this tournament as possible, and make sure your contact info in Tabroom is up-to-date. I'm going to use this to build a contact list that's as updated as possible.

Second, if you would like to use Tabroom to run your tournament, you can contact me and this will be the tournament that I clone and give to you so that we know everyone is playing by the same rules and you don't have to go in and set everything up. If you need help with how to set up a tournament using Tabroom, don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks, and have a wonderful season!

Dan Porisch

Deabte Coach, Huntley Project

MFEA President

Debate Committee Chair