Westlake Thunderdome 2023

2023 — Saratoga Springs, UT/US

Welcome to the 2023 Westlake Thunderdome Speech and Debate Invitational

General Information:

Dates: October 13-14, 2023

Location: Westlake High School

99 S 200 W Saratoga Springs, Ut 84045

Tournament Host/Director: Kimber Rodeback, krodeback@alpinedistrict.org

Cost: $25/day ($50 both days)

$4/person per event

Judges: Speech 1:6, CX 1:2, Debates 1:4, Congress 1:6

(Judges can judge both speech and debate events)

Students may double enter in Speech Events (except for extemp)--at their own risk. Tournament will not be held up for double entries. They may only participate in one Debate event.

Meals can be prepaid on Tabroom before you come! $5.50 each day of the tournament!

A variety of concessions are available with debit/credit cards or Apple Pay only! No cash accepted.

Speech and Debate shirts, hats, and stickers will be sold on-site! (Samples will be linked soon!)


Friday: Novice and Varsity Speech Events


  • Mixed Extemp

  • Impromptu

  • Interps (HI/DI/DUO/POI--Depending on number of entries will determine if they are combined or held separately.)

  • Oratory

  • Informative


  • Mixed Extemp

  • Impromptu

  • HI

  • DI

  • Duo

  • POI

  • Oratory

  • Informative

Saturday: Debate Events


PF - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its military presence in the Arctic."

CX - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.

LD - (using the open topic for both novice and varsity) Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee the right to housing."

BQ - Resolved: Belief in the supernatural is incompatible with belief in science.

Congress - (First session will be a learning session as needed for novice.) Click HERE to see the Congress Legislation for this tournament.



  • 2:30-3pm Online Check-in

  • 3pm Judge Instructions in Judge/Coach Lounge

  • Extemp Prep to Start at 3:15pm and 15 min before the start of each round.

  • 3:30pm Round 1

  • 5:30 pm Round 2

  • 6:30 - 7:30 Dinner (7:15 extemp prep start)

  • 7:30 pm Round 3

(We will run rounds faster if possible)


  • 8-8:30am Check-in

  • 8:30am Judge Instructions in Judges/Coaches Lounge

Debate (Double flighted PF/LD/BQ) Congress

Round 1 9-11am Session 1 9-11:30

Round 2 11-1pm

Round 3 1-3pm Session 2 12-2:30

Lunch will be served from 11:30 - 1pm during off-flight times

Awards on Saturday at 4:30 pm

Awards for the Top 3 in each event!

*School Size will be determined by number of students entered per school for the Large School Sweepstakes Award and Small School Sweepstakes Award.

*Sweepstakes will be done using NSDA points

Speech: Points by placement per round

Debate: Points by win/loss per round

Congress: Points by placement overall