MacArthur High School Five Star Invitational

2023 — San Antonio, TX/US

Welcome back to Mac!!! After a year off, we are hosting our 2023 Five Star Invitational TFA IQT- In person, first time since 2019!

All entries will be initially wait-listed so that numbers and judges can be monitored for invoicing and room purposes. We will not break brackets in debate.

You may cross enter up to Two (2) IE's or one (1) IE if you are in debate. Cross enter at your own risk. If you are competing in Extemporaneous Speaking, you may cross enter one IE, but again- at your own risk.

Section A - DX, FX, NX, DUO, PO, NPO, INF, HI

Section B - DI, OO, DA, PR, NPR, POI

7:45am - Extemp Draw

8:00am - CX Round 1

8:15am - Section A Prelims

9:45am - Congress Prelims / Debate Round 1 / Section B Prelims

10:00am - CX Round 2

11:45am - Debate Round 2 / Section B Semis

12:00pm - CX Round 3

1:45pm - Extemp Draw

2:15pm - Section A Semis

2:30pm - CX Quarters

3:30pm - Congress Semis (finals if no need for semis)

3:45pm - Debate Round 3 / Section B Finals

4:30pm - CX Semis

5:45pm - Extemp Draw

6:15pm - Section A Finals

6:30pm - CX Finals

7:15pm - Debate Quarters / Congress Finals

8:15pm - Debate Semis

9:15pm - Debate Finals

See you soon!

For Congress: Prelims will focus on Items 1-10 of the TFA Fall Docket that can be found on Finals will focus on items 15-25 of the TFA Fall Docket. We will use the housing topic for novice LD.