Async Speech Novice SD tournament

2023 — Online, SD/US

Welcome to the Lennox Novice SD Asynch tournament. Due to the focus of the tournament, this is limited to green entries (1st year speakers) or Debate 1 students to enter events.

This tournament will feature asynch speeches for novice students to share and be judged. Speeches will need to be recorded on Youtube or a similar platform. The videos must be set so that anyone with the link can view (unlisted).

There is a $1.00 charge per entry to help offset the cost of using Tabroom for the tournament.

Entries and links need to be in by the evening of Tuesday, November 28. I will do a quick check for missing links on Wednesday morning (by 10:30 AM) and remove those with missing links. I will then pair and release them before noon that day. Please make sure your judges complete their rounds by Thursday night at 5:00 PM (I am hoping that Lennox will be at state interp on Friday, so I don't want to have to chase after people that day.)

Students will be given ranks and rates for the speech. No awards will be presented, but this is an excellent opportunity for students to get feedback on speeches and earn NSDA points.

Responsible, considerate high school students may be used to judge rounds. There are no judges for hire. All schools are responsible to make sure judging is completed on time.

Extemp Questions are released and included.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me via e-mail.