Quarry Lane Open Scrimmage 4

2023 — Online, CA/US

Welcome to the Quarry Lane Open Scrimmage Series

We host these open online scrimmages to provide feedback to students prior to weekend competitions. Debate is live via Google Meet, and Speech is async via a submitted URL.

For debate, we offer 2 abbreviated policy rounds and 3 full public forum rounds. For speech, we offer DI, HI, OI, OO, and Extemp. Students who compete in other speech events (e.g. POI, Duo, etc) are welcome to sign up in a similar event and they can compete "with" those events but will be judged according to their own event's rules.

Entry fees are $0, but trained judges to cover entries are required. Teams can hire out judges if needed.

Schedule for Fall 23

Scrimmage 1 | 9/20 | Policy, Public Forum, Speech

Scrimmage 2 | 10/4 | Policy , Public Forum, Speech

Scrimmage 3 | 10/11 | Policy

Scrimmage 4 | 10/18 | Policy, Speech

Scrimmage 5 | 11/8 | Public Forum

Scrimmage 6 | 11/15 | Policy, Public Forum, Speech

Scrimmage 7 | 11/29 | Policy, Public Forum, Speech