George Ziegelmueller Invitational AKA The Ziggy hosted by Wayne

2023 — Online, MI/US

Ziggy Online 2023

Policy Debate Divisions

-- Open

-- Junior Varsity


Registration & Prefs Due -- Thursday October 19

Rounds 1, 2 & 3 -- Friday October 20

Rounds 4, 5 & 6 + Awards -- Saturday October 21

All elimination debates in all divisions -- Sunday October 22

Link to Full Schedule HERE

Elimination Rounds

-- In divisions with 32 teams or fewer, half of teams competing in each division will break, or in divisions with 33 teams or more, we will break 16 teams to an octofinals round.

-- Tab will not break brackets in elimination rounds; In a case where two teams from the same school face each other in an elimination round, the program director (or their delegate) will decide who advances to the next elimination round.


$75 per policy debate entry. An entry is defined as any two debaters registered to compete in any division. There will be no additional charges for judges or observers.


-- Participant eligibility in each division is governed by ADA and CEDA rules.

-- Hybrid teams may compete in preliminary rounds and are eligible to clear to elimination debates and receive speaker awards.

-- Mavericks are not eligible to enter the tournament. Should one debater from a team become ill or unable to debate in any given round, that round will be forfeited.


-- Each school must provide THREE rounds of judging per entry. Any judge in the pool may be placed in any division of policy debate, even if your school does not have teams in that division. Judges can choose to limit their commitments to novice OR novice and JV; but judges cannot choose to limit their commitments to varsity rounds.

-- All judges are obligated for the first elimination debate AND are obligated until one round after their schools’ last team (in any division) is eliminated.