Viking Clash High School

2023 — Bountiful, UT/US

The great Odin bids you welcome to the Annual 2024 Viking Clash! Here, over 150 intellectual warriors will vie for the coveted helms of Valhalla which will be given to only 18 (and their partners). Of the 21+ schools in attendance only 3 will win the prize of Odin's Elite. Do you have what it takes to be the best, or will you fall for Loki's tricks. Only with courage, practice, and skill will you be victorious!

Please, leave your dragons leashed outside (2023 increased our insurance premiums.)

Timeline of Events:

Speech and Debate will run Concurrently (I'm pretty sure we have the rooms to do this)

We are running 4 rounds of Speech and 3 of Debate. In order for this to happen please be here at a good time (no later than 3 PM).

Check-In: 2:30-3:00 PM

Judges Meeting: 3:00-3:20 PM

Below is when we anticipate STARTING each round (as for the end time... smh)

-Debate and Speech Round 1: 3:30 PM (this is for every round including the Triathlon, Quadrathlon and Congress)

-Speech Round 2: 4:45 PM

-Debate Round 2: 5:30 PM

-Congress Round 2, Speech Round 3: 6:00 PM

-Speech Round 4: 7:15 PM

-Debate Round 3: 7:30 PM

-Ragnarok (Awards): 9:00 PM

CONCESSIONS AND PIZZA WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE WARRIORS!!! (I couldn't figure a dinner break so it would really stink for Policy if they have an issue with computers... I recommend getting flash drives and just having the evidence on the drive so that email isn't a bother.) We are going to be providing as much as we can. Unfortunately, the war has been rough (Inflation and Fundraising), so it will be a first come, first served. We're going to have drinks, nachos, pizza. I'm going to make sure that the Judges are fed. You needn't worry about that.

Unfortunately we may run out before the end of the night for the debaters.

Congress Round 1 Legislation: (UDCA Round): Clergy Mandated Reporting, Climate Risk Disclosure, Resident Immigrant Minors, Tax Nonprofits, Drive Disabled Guardians, End International Labor Exploitation

Congress Round 2 Legislation: (NSDA Round): The Great US Novel Act, A Bill to Investigate Conspiratorial Thinking, The Olive Oil Integrity Act, A Bill to Make Narcan Free and Accessible, A Bill to Fund and Construct Wildlife Crossings, A Resolution to Call for a Temporary Halt to Russia's Security Council Veto Power