Missouri State University College Tournament

2023 — Springfield, MO/US

We are eager to welcome people back to Springfield after an extended hiatus!

We will offer 6 prelims and an appropriate number of elims, likely including partials, in novice, JV, and open. We will use CEDA definitions for each, and will limit evidence in the novice division to cards from the ADA packet (https://bit.ly/ADANOV23), but repurposing is acceptable. We will cap each division at 4 entries per school and permit additional entries if field size allows.

The topic for debates will be the 2022-2023 resolution.

Our tournament is primarily intended to be a regional tournament enabling live competition for schools in driving distance of Springfield, but we welcome all schools. We prefer that all entries travel to Springfield and complete live, but we will accept a small number of hybrids, hopefully under 15% of the field, so long as schools traveling in person can experience mostly live rounds. (Update - we accepted two online schools, and just had a 3rd switch online).




Please immediately email ericmorris@missouristate.edu upon entering if you expect to request hybrid. Please mark them as such when registering on Tabroom. Any such entries would be handled using the ZRM model. We don't anticipate pandemic resurgence will impact the tournament, but if it does we will communicate promptly and use best practices learned over the last few years.

Each school must provide 3 rounds of prelim judging per team, and all judges are obligated through one elim after the school's elimination unless released by the tournament. We will enter Missouri State teams and will hire extra judges (without recent MoState affiliation) to enable options. Each judge must have a philosophy in tabroom by Tuesday, Sept 19 and prefs will be due by 10am on Friday. Judges must vote for one and only one team in each debate, and should have significant prior experience in policy debate.

Debates are open to all participants but should not be recorded without prior permission from all participants, with an exception for debaters self-recording their own speeches.

We are not securing a tournament block at any hotel, but please feel free to request the "MSU rate" at any hotel near campus. Here are a few:

University Plaza Hotel (417) 864-7333
TownePlace Suites (417) 881-8118
Hotel Vandivort (417) 832-1515
Vīb Best Western (417) 881-9100

Schedule (please disclosure asap after pairings and report to room 15 min before round)

Friday, Sept 22

1pm Registration available in Craig Hall (unless you checked in and paid online)

2pm Pairings released for r1 & r2

2:45 Round 1 (5pm decision time)

5:00 Dinner (Craig)

5:45pm Round 2 (8pm decision time)

Saturday, Sept 23

8:30am Breakfast in Craig Hall

9am Pairings for r3

9:45am Round 3 (11:30am decision time)

11:30am Lunch available

12:15pm Pairings for r4

1pm Round 4 (3:15pm decision time)

3:30pm Pairings for r5

4:15pm Round 5 (6:30pm decision time)

6:00pm Dinner available

6:45pm Pairings for r6

7:30pm Round 6 (9:45pm decision time)

Sunday, Sept 24

8:30am Breakfast in Craig Hall

9am Pairings for Elim 1

9:45am Elim 1 (11:45am decision time)

Noon Awards & Lunch

Remaining elims

Tournament fees will be $50/person (debater, judge, observer) and can be paid over the MSDI website. https://commerce.cashnet.com/Debate_Pay. Fees will lock at 5pm on Wednesday, Sept 20.We prefer online payment but can also accept checks in person before Round 1. If mailing a check is necessary, please indicate debate on the check and mail to:

Spicer Debate Forum c/o Dept of Communication, Media, Journalism & Film Craig 376

Missouri State University

901 S. National Ave

Springfield, MO 65897