Teddys Round Up

2023 — Sioux Falls, SD/US

The 2023 Teddy's Rough Rider Round Up is now a NIETOC bid tournament!

Hello South Dakota Speech & Interp Coaches!

It is my privilege and honor to invite you and your teams to Roosevelt High School’s 10th annual Teddy’s Rough Rider Round Up. New this year, we are a NIETOC bid tournament. Students placing in events offered at NIETOC will receive one of two required bids to the NIETOC tournament held in May 2024 in Bellevue, NE. Bid placements will be based on number of entries

We will offer three rounds and a final round. If there are enough entries, there will be novice rounds offered for Drama, Humor, Duo, Poetry, Storytelling and Non-Original Oratory. If needed, rounds will be combined, but the top six novices will be recognized. Awards will be given to the top four finalists in novice and varsity divisions.


2:30-2:55 Registration in Auditorium

3:00 General Meeting in the Auditorium

3:30 Round 1 Reader’s Theatre

3:45 Round 1 Individual and Duo Events

5:00 Round 2 Reader’s Theatre

5:15 Round 2 Individual and Duo Events

30 minute dinner break

6:45 Round 3 Reader’s Theatre

7:00 Round 3 Individual and Duo Events

8:00 Final Round Reader’s Theatre

8:15 Final Round Individual and Duo Events

9:30 Awards in the Auditorium

Events and Entries

Schools may have an unlimited number of entries in each or our seven (7) Varsity divisions: Humorous Interp, Storytelling, Duo Interp, Serious Interp, Non-Original Oratory, Poetry, and Reader’s Theatre.

  • Students may be entered in no more than two events, unless the third event is Reader’s Theatre.

  • We will tighten the schedule as entries and time allows.

  • South Dakota High School Activity Association rules will govern this contest.

  • Please have your entries in by 7PM on Wednesday, October 25 at http://teddysroundup.tabroom.com/


Entry fees for the contest will be $6. per contestant per individual event, $12 per duo entry and $18 per Reader’s Theatre entry. Fees will be assessed based on the entries received by 7pm on Wednesday, October 25th. Fees must be paid on or before registration, and checks can be made out to Roosevelt High School Oral Interp.


Each school must provide one judge for every five entries or fraction thereof. All schools will be required to supply at least one judge, which may mean coaches will be required to judge. Judges will be able to use online or paper ballots.


There will be a 30 minute dinner break. Please plan accordingly. A concession stand will be provided for your convenience.

Contact Information

Virginia Colgan, Head Coach


Cell: 605-941-7543

Roosevelt High School

6600 W 41st Street

Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Phone: 605-362-2860