LBJ District Tournament

2024 — TX/US

LBJ District Qualifier

for the 2024 National Tournament
Congress, Extemp
Melissa High School
Melissa, TX
Sat 2/24 Sat 2/24 HSE IX SEN USX
Argyle United Methodist Church
Melissa, TX
Fri 3/1 Fri 3/1 LD CX PF
Big Questions and Interp
Melissa High School
Melissa, TX
Fri 2/23 Sat 2/24 BQ DI DUO HI INF OO POI

2023-2024 LBJ Document:This document was sent out to coaches at the start of the 2023-2024 Academic School year. This is a viewable by people inside and outside of the district for transparency. You can find that document, here. Please note that this document contains all relevant information about the contest:

Congress Docket: We will be using the TFA Spring Docket. You can find the docket on the 2023-2024 LBJ NSDA Document. OR, you can find the document here:

Entry Fees:

IE - $15 per entry

Debate - $25 per entry

Congress - $25 per entry

Payment Information:

Payment is due February 25, 2023

Please make all payments payable to:

LBJ District of the NSDA

Missing Judge Fee: $200