Canyon Tascosa Swing TFA NIETOC

2023 — Amarillo, TX/US

The Speech and Debate Teams at Canyon and Tascosa High Schools cordially invite you to attend the Canyon/Tascosa TFA/NIETOC Swing November 17-18, 2023. All rounds will take place at Tascosa High School. We will offer all TFA events, and will also offer Poetry, Prose, Impromptu. Duo Improv, and Original Spoken Word Poetry. Both halves of the swing are NIETOC qualifiers!

Students may enter three events in Pattern A, three events in Pattern B, and three events in Pattern C. Students may not enter both extemps in Pattern C. Debate and Congress may only cross enter in Pattern C. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL BREAK BRACKETS IN DEBATE. Also, with the recent amendment to the TFA Constitution, a limited number of Canyon and/or Tascosa students may be competing and may advance to elimination rounds. Patterns A and B may not enter Debate or Congress. Entries are due by 7:00 pm, November 14. Please make sure drops are entered by 12:00 pm on November 15. We will be using the TFA Fall 2023 Congress docket which can be found at:

TFA Fall 2023 Congress Docket

Canyon Congress Prelims will use items 22, 21, 24, 23, 25

Canyon Congress Finals will use items 26-30

Tascosa Congress Prelims will use items 4, 1, 3, 2, 5

Tascosa Congress Finals will use items 6-10

LD, CX, and PFD will use the NSDA resolutions current for November 2023.

WSD will use the following motions:

Round 1: Impromptu Motion (Motion will be announced in Room 2220).

Round 2: This House supports the rise in unionization.

Round 3: This House supports the increased use of nuclear power to combat climate change

Semis: Impromptu Motion (Motion will be announced in Room 2220).

Finals: This House believes that gene-editing technology should be restricted to non-human

Awards in both halves of the swing will be offered to:

Individual awards for all finalists in all events (top 8 in Congress)

Team sweepstakes trophies for the top five schools (listed in alphabetical order)

Outstanding Speaker (Extemp, OO, Impromptu, Informative)

Outstanding Interper (HI, DI, Poetry, Prose, Duo, Duet, POI, Original Spoken Word Poetry, Duo Improv)

We will also recognize Outstanding CX, LD, PFD, and WSD debate Speakers (Based on prelim speaker points).

Duo Improv

In duo impromptu, two students work together to create an impromptu scene from three prompts.
 A judge in each room will have three envelopes of topics for the round. One will be the setting, one the conflict, and
the final one the characters. The speakers will draw three topics from each container, choose one from each, and
return the other two to the container

The judge will start the stopwatch when the speaker draws from the FINAL container and give auditory
countdown signals every thirty seconds until speakers begin performing.
 The speakers may write notes on a blank sheet of paper during preparation time, but he or she may not use or refer to
the notes during the scene.
 The speakers may use the topics in any way they choose but the topics must be the central theme of the speech.
 Scene creation may be humorous, dramatic, or a combination of the two.
 The scene should provide a balanced performance between the two students.

Students will have 7 minutes total to both plan and perform.

Original Spoken Word Poetry

We will follow NSDA Rules

1. Material: Students will write and perform original poetry. Original Spoken Word Poetry is poetry written for
performance to express ideas, experience, or emotion through the creative arrangement of words according to their
sound, their rhythm, their meaning.
2. Quotation: No more than 150 word of the original poetry may be direct quotation from any other speech or writing,
and such quotations must be identified in a printed copy of the speech. An introduction is permitted, but not
3. Delivery: The delivery must be memorized, and no book or script may be used.
4. Time: The maximum time limit is 5 minutes with a 30-second grace period. Should a
student go beyond the grace period, the student may not be ranked 1st. There is no other prescribed penalty for
going over the grace period. The ranking is up to each individual judge’s discretion. No minimum time is mandated.

Tascosa will continue its tradition of recognizing the Outstanding Speaker and Outstanding Interper with the Ann Shofner Award, and the Marti Kirk Award. These awards celebrate the lasting legacy left by two of Tascosa's most storied and celebrated coaches.

Tascosa will also offer the Spirit of the Panhandle Award. This award will be given to one student that competes in at least 5 different events at both the Canyon portion of the swing and the Tascosa portion of the swing and accumulates the most sweepstakes points in those events.

We are pleased to announce that we will also be recognizing one outstanding student with the G.L.O.W. (Go Light Our World) Award. This award will go to one student that may not be the most competitively successful, but who consistently strives through their actions and attitude to be a positive influence on their team, in their school, and in the world. Coaches may email a brief statement on why they feel a certain student should win the award. Please make sure to email nominations to Ryan Lovell at by noon on November 14.


Team sweepstakes awards will be calculated as follows

IEs, Duo, Duet, Congress

12 points- 1st place

10 points- 2nd place

8 points- 3rd place

6 points- 4th place

4 points- 5th place- 8th place

Debate (Debate sweepstakes points will count for the Canyon portion of the swing)

12 points- 1st place

10 points- 2nd place

8 points- Non-advancing semi finalists

4 points- Non-advancing quarter finalists

Entry Fees are:

$20 - LD, PFD, CX, WSD

$15 - HI, DI, POI, Duo, Duet, Poery, Prose, DX, FX, Oratory, Informative

$12 - Impromptu, Duo Improv, Original Spoken Word Poetry

The schedule will be as follows:

Pattern A: HI, Prose, Duet

Pattern B: DI, Poetry, Duo, POI

Pattern C: DX, FX, Oratory, Informative, Impromptu, Duo Improv, Original Spoken Word Poetry

Friday November 17

4:30 pm Canyon Rd 1 Pattern A, Rd 1 LD, PFD, CX, WSD Impromptu Motion Released, Canyon Congress Prelims

5:30 pm Canyon Rd 1 Pattern B, Rd 1 WSD (Impromptu Motion)

6:30 pm Rd 2 LD, PFD, CX

6:45 pm Tascosa Rd 1 Pattern A

7:00 pm WSD Rd 2 (Prepared Motion)

7:30 PM Tascosa Congress Prelims

7:45 pm Tascosa Rd 1 Pattern B

8:30 PM Rd 3 Debate, WSD (Prepared Motion)

9:00 PM Canyon Semis Pattern A&B

Saturday November 18

7:30 am Tascosa Semis Pattern A, Canyon Congress Finals, WSD Semis Impromptu Motion Released

8:00 am Quarters LD, PFD, CX

8:30 am Tascosa Semis Pattern B, WSD Semis - Impromptu Motion

9:30 am Canyon Rd 1 Pattern C

11:00 am Tascosa Rd 1 Pattern C

12:30 pm Canyon Finals Pattern A, Semis LD, PFD, CX, Finals WSD (Prepared Motion), Tascosa Congress Finals

1:30 pm Canyon Finals Pattern B

2:30 pm Canyon Pattern C Semis

4:00 pm Tascosa Pattern C Semis

5:15 pm Tascosa Finals Pattern A&B, Finals LD, PFD, CX

6:30 pm Canyon Pattern C Finals

7:45 pm Tascosa Pattern C Finals

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ryan Lovell at, or call at 806-640-8988.