Red Rock Classic

2023 — Moab, UT/US

Your road leads into the desert! On November 3-4th at Grand County High School in Moab, join us for our annual two-day tournament. Students may enter in both Debate and Speech events.

We will use paper ballots! Students will go home with their ballots in hand!

This year, our theme is inspired by the desert. We hope your team takes an opportunity to see the wilderness. Whether it's a scenic drive or a small hike, there’s plenty to do that is non-strenuous, doable within an hour, and perfectly safe. People the world over are jealous!

COSTUMES are welcome, as is tradition. Please respect school dress codes. Costumes or props suggestive of gun violence are strictly prohibited, as are masks.

We’re excited to host your team!

DEBATE EVENTS: Congress, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, Policy Debate, Character SpAr


Panel A: Combined Extemp., Original Oratory, Dramatic Interp., Storytelling, Character Congress

Panel B: Impromptu, Duo, Informative Speaking, Humorous Interp., Program of Oral Interp.



2:30 PM, Meeting for lay judges

2:45 PM, Welcoming ceremony

3:00 - 5 PM, Round 1

3:30 - 6 PM, Congress

5:00 - 7 PM, R2

6:30 - 9 PM, Congress

7:00 - 9 PM, R3

9:15, the film “John Carter” begins screening in the auditorium, with concessions available

*** Showstoppers Pizza Truck will be parked outside the school from about 4:30 - 8:30 PM ***


7:45 a.m. Extemp. Prep.

8:00-9:15 IE Pattern A Round 1
9:15-10:30 IE Pattern B R1

10:45 a.m. Extemp. Prep.

11:00-12:15 IE Pattern A R2
12:15-1:30 IE Pattern B R2

1:45 p.m. Extemp. Prep.

2:00-3:15 IE Pattern A R3
3:15-4:30 IE Pattern B R3

5:15, Awards Ceremony


LD, PF, Policy: NSDA Topics for Nov/Dec

Congress & Character Congress: Students write their own bills & bring copies to the tournament. The pool of legislation will create the docket. Yes, devices are allowed for research & speeches in-round. Write bills related to our theme! (If necessary, we’ll pull a few from UDCA Sept-Oct legislation.)

Extemp: A mixture of International & National each round.

Impromptu: Blend of random, current events, and theme-appropriate topics.

SpAr: Topics will include lighthearted, serious, and theme-appropriate resolutions.

Fees & Judging:
$15 per school per day, $4 per student per event per day. 1 judge for every 6 IEs and 1 judge for every 4 debates.