The Evergreen Invitational

2024 — San Jose, US

The Evergreen Invitational

UPDATE: We are now a Parli (Open and Novice) and LD (one collapsed division) tournament. Sorry to the other events, signups were sparse :(

Another update: Parli Topic Area is Water Infrastructure for both divisions. Have fun prepping!


February 3-4th, 2024

Hosted by Evergreen Valley Speech and Debate

Location: 3300 Quimby Rd, San Jose, CA 95148 (Confirmed in-person!)

The Evergreen Valley Speech and Debate Team wholeheartedly welcomes you to the Evergreen Invitational! We’re incredibly excited to host this tournament and strive to create an amazing tournament experience for all events and skill levels.

Please note that this invite is actively being updated - if you have any concerns, feel free to email (we check this more than, which is the listed contact)and we will assist you as quickly as possible. Thanks so much for your cooperation!


Please see the following, live spreadsheet for our schedule: Schedule

General Information

  • We offer open and novice divisions for each event, but reserve the right to collapse divisions if entries warrant.

  • The tournament reserves the right to adapt the amount or structure of elimination rounds if required by tournament logistics.

  • Equity Officers: TBD

Debate General Information

  • In debate, we offer 5 preliminary rounds and will break to double-octofinals in each event, assuming the number of entries warrants this.

  • Parliamentary Debate resolutions will be written by the following topic committee:

    • Timothy Zhu, Pascal Descollonges, Rohan Sachdev

    • Topic Area: Water Infrastructure
  • Based on entries, Debate Prelims and Elim 1 will be double-flighted. Elim 2 and beyond will be single-flighted.

  • Tie-breakers for debate prelim rounds will be win-loss record, opponent wins, and opponent seed. Speaker points will not be factored in tiebreaking in debate events.

  • We will break brackets based on school affiliation.

  • NO COACH OR TEAM PREP. Sorry :((

Speech General Information

  • In speech, we offer 3 prelim rounds and will break to semifinals in each event, assuming the number of entries warrants this.

  • Speech Prelims and Elimination Rounds will be single flighted

  • Cross Entry in Speech Events is permitted in up to TWO EVENT, however, please note that competitors must notify their judges in order to make this possible. This also means that competitors that cross-entry do so at their own risk as speaking order may not always be able to accommodate.

  • Double-entry in speech and debate events is not permitted as the schedule does not allow for it.

Events and Divisions

  • We offer Open and Novice divisions for the following Debate events:

    • Lincoln Douglas [UPDATE - LD NOW HAS ONE COLLAPSED DIVISION for both Open and Novice. Space issues :((]

    • Parliamentary Debate

    • Public Forum [UPDATE - Same as LD. Collapsed division for Novice and Varsity]

  • We offer Novice divisions for the following Speech events:

    • Dramatic Interpretation

    • Duo Interpretation

    • Humorous Interpretation

    • Impromptu

    • Original Oratory

    • Oratorical Interpretation

  • The tournament reserves the right to collapse divisions as needed.

  • Debate Events will be held from Saturday to Sunday.

  • Speech Events will be held on Sunday. ALL Speech Events will be held synchronously.

  • Additional rules and procedures for each event and division can be found HERE.

If you choose to drop an entry or event, your school will not be fined as long as the entry is dropped before fees are frozen (1/31). All canceled events will be fully refunded and corresponding school fees will be removed.


  • All schools must have an adult chaperone AT ALL TIMES.
  • In order to compete in the Novice division, competitors must not have competed in the previous academic year, broken to elimination rounds at 3 or more tournaments in Novice, or broken to elimination rounds in open at any tournaments

  • Middle-schoolers are welcome if they fit the novice criteria for debate

  • All Middle-schoolers are welcome for novice speech


  • Registration will open January 4th

  • All teams must have a chaperone or responsible adult available at all times. They must be able to contact any of their judges or competitors if issues arise.

  • Each school should have one person “check in” for their team between 7:30AM and 8AM on Saturday 2/3. They must confirm that all competitors and judges are available and ready.

  • Any last minute drops or changes should be emailed to before the check-in.

  • There is an initial 5 team cap for each school in each division and a 100 team cap for each division. Additional teams will be taken off of the waitlist if space permits.

  • Evergreen Invitational allows for independent entries not associated with an organization or a school team.

Fees and Payment

  • School Fee: $50

  • Parli/Public Forum/Duo: $100 per entry (updated! No longer $125)

  • Lincoln Douglas/HI/DI/Impromptu/OO/OI: $50 per entry

  • All payments will be online. Personal payments will be accepted. Please make your payment out at and write your school name in the memo. Please also use the “Send to a Friend” option when processing your payment.

  • EV Invitational will be offering fee discounts for schools who cannot meet the payments. If your school needs a fee discount, please fill out this form as we will get back to you.

  • A limited number of judges for Parliamentary Debate will be available to hire for $125 - if you want to use a tournament hired judge instead of providing your own, email at least one week before the tournament (no later than 1/27)

  • Schools will be fined $50 per round if a judge fails to show up for a round for which they are scheduled.

  • All judge fines must be paid before the start of elimination rounds or competitors will be disqualified.

Judge Requirements


Judge Requirements

All Debate

1 judge per 2 entries

All Speech Events

1 judge per 4 entries

  • Regardless of whether their teams advance to elimination rounds, all judges are obligated to be available to judge through the first full elimination round in their division.

  • For schools whose teams advance to elimination rounds, all judges for your school will be obligated until one round after your last team in that division is eliminated.

  • All judges MUST have a tabroom account.

Open Parli:

  • An Open Parliamentary Debate judge must be a high school graduate or equivalent, and currently a coach, former open debater, and/or college debater. They may have experience outside of parliamentary debate, but experience judging this event is recommended.

  • All Open Parli judges must submit a paradigm by the judging deadline, which will be the Wednesday before the tournament (1/31)

All Other Events:

  • All judges who are 18+ are accepted. Judge training will be offered at the beginning of the tournament.

Any questions about judge requirements can be directed to

Judge training information will be updated soon.


Public Forum: NSDA January 2024 PF Topic

Parli Topic Area: Water Infrastructure

Lincoln Douglas: NSDA January/February 2024 LD Topic

Equity Complaint Form: