IW Invitational

2023 — Washington HS, CA/US

You are cordially invited to the I-W Invitational, a collaboration between Irvington & Washington High Schools, building upon the Vikings & Polygon Invitationals from previous years.

This tournament will be hosted at Washington High School in Fremont, CA. We will offer two divisions of parliamentary debate. The Open Division will be run Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14, will feature five preliminary rounds, and will break to quarterfinals. The Novice division, with four preliminary rounds and a final round, will be Saturday only.

Campus Map
Coaches/chaperons check-in is in the library 4-4:30PM.
Students and judges check in with their coach/chaperon.
After checking in, students go to the amphitheater.
Judges and coaches stay in/near the library.
To view the map, go to THIS LINK.


Varsity Topic Announcements: tinyurl.com/vartopicannouncement

Novice Topic Announcements: tinyurl.com/novtopicannouncement

The topic area is: Sports

The topic committee is:
- Rhea Jain
- Nick Hansen
- Zach Moss

Open resolutions will be announced in the cafeteria.

Novice resolutions will be announced at the benches next to the MPR (next to the amphitheater)

Protests & Equity Complaints will be handled by Renée Diop.

The link to the equity form can be found here: tinyurl.com/i-wequity

Round Rules

All rounds will use NPDL in-person round rules.


Open - Friday, October 13

4:00 - 4:30PM Coach/chaperon check-in (in the library)
4:40PM Round 1 topic announcement
6:10PM Round 2 topic announcement
7:40PM - 8:00PM Break
8:00PM Round 3 topic announcement

Open - Saturday, October 14

9:10-9:20AM Judge check-in (in the library)
9:30AM Round 4 topic announcement
11:00AM Round 5 topic announcement
12:30PM - 1:10PM Break
1:10PM Quarterfinals topic announcement
2:40PM Semifinals topic announcement
4:30PM Finals topic announcement

Novice - Saturday, October 14

9:10-9:20AM Coach/chaperon check-in (in the library)
9:30AM Round 1 topic announcement
11:00AM Round 2 topic announcement
12:30PM - 1:10PM Break
1:10PM Round 3 topic announcement
2:40PM Round 4 topic announcement
4:30PM Finals topic announcement

Varsity: $50/entry
Novice: $40/entry

Late entry: $50/entry in addition to entry fee
Ballot not picked up on time: $50/incident
Ballot not submitted on time: $50/incident
Late payment: $50
There are no drop fines, but entries dropped after October 5 must still pay the entry fee.

Payment Instructions
Payment is due by October 12.
See instructions here: https://washingtondebate.club/pages/iw

- The on-site chaperon is responsible for checking in their school during the on-site registration Friday, 4PM-4:30PM.
- The on-site chaperon must be reachable by the tournament director at all times during the tournament.
- Because the on-site chaperon must be available at all times during the tournament, they may not also be entered as a judge. Schools with only 1 or 2 entries may ask the tournament director for an exception at least 1 day prior to the judge entry deadline.
- The on-site chaperon is responsible for having on hand the medical forms and parent contact information of all students in attendance.
- The on-site chaperon must be able to reach any of their school’s students or judges and escort them to the tab room if needed.
- The on-site chaperon must remain on campus for the entire duration of the tournament.

- The judge requirement is 1 judge for every 2 entries. The judge requirement is calculated separately for Open and Novice.
- Open judges are obligated for both days; novice judges are only obligated for Saturday.
- All judges are obligated through the end of the tournament, but may be dismissed earlier at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
- All Open division judges must be at least 18, have graduated high school, and be fluent in English.
- All judges eligible to judge Open are also eligible to judge Novice. In addition, students with at least 2 years of high school debate experience may judge Novice.
- In order to avoid judges judging teams from their own school, adult novice judges may be asked to judge open rounds. Similarly, open judges may be asked to judge novice rounds. This means that many open judges should expect to still be judging during open quarters/semis, since those are concurrent with novice prelims.
- We will be using online ballots. All judges must have a device that can access the internet
- Coaches are responsible for ensuring that each of their school’s judges has a Tabroom account with working email and text notifications.

Judge Instructions
Coaches are also responsible for ensuring that their judges familiarize themselves with our judge guide prior to the tournament.

Entry Limits
Every school may enter up to 6 entries in Open and up to 6 entries in Novice.
Any further entries will be waitlisted, and then admitted if there is enough space.
In the event that the tournament fills up early, entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Novice Eligibility

A team may compete in the Novice division if both students on that team:

  • are in their first year of high school debate competition or are in middle school
  • did not attend more than 5 debate tournaments
  • if they attended a summer debate camp, did not attend more than 2 debate tournaments
  • are not in their third or more year of speech/Congress competition

School Eligibility
- All students must be enrolled in a high school.
- All school entries must compete under the name of the school they attend.
- All school entries must be accompanied by their school-approved chaperon.
- Each school is allowed one maverick entry in novice. No open maverick entries are allowed.
- Each school is allowed one hybrid entry in novice, and one hybrid entry in open.

Independent Entry
- Students competing independently must be accompanied by an on-site chaperon named on their waiver form (see below).
- By October 9, the parents of each student competing independently must submit two waivers
- If students from a school compete as school entries, other students from that school may not simultaneously compete as independent entries.
- All independent entries from a school must compete as "[School Name] Independent" - unless a different name is approved by the tournament director.

1. Winloss from prelim round(s)
2. Points from prelim round(s) , except the 1 worst
3. JVar based on Population - Z2 from prelim round(s)
4. Coinflip from prelim round(s)

We pride ourselves in having the most angular trophies in the nation.

Dress Code
We encourage casual wear.

NPDL Approval
This tournament has been approved to count for NPDL rankings and will be a qualifier to the 2024 NPDL Tournament of Champions.

Short URL: https://iw.tabroom.com