Franklin R Shirley at Wake Forest

2023 — Winston Salem, NC/US

67th Franklin R. Shirley Classic at Wake Forest University

Mid-round needs: - This is our primary mid-round contact.

Phone number 703 855 6177

Key Links:


Tournament Invite

Grad School Interest Form
Note: this is not just for Wake Forest. If your school is not on here and you would like to be, reach out.

Pay Fees Here
($100/person on-site, $150/team online, $40/ADA Fall Champs team fee). Fee waivers/reductions possible, email.

Hybrid/Remote judging rooms

Carswell - 111 and 2nd Floor Law Library

Greene - 145, 162

Tribble - A110

Benson University Center - 3rd and 4th Floors are also a good space to judge or go in between debates.

Note if you are assigned to judge in Winston, this means the debate is online and you should probably avoid walking to Winston and find a closer spot.

All-Gender Restrooms:

Carswell 1st floor - labeled faculty near lobby, and 3rd floor 325

Tribble - C118C, C218C, C318B, B11A, B218B, B318B

Benson Center - 521, 522

Wake Forest also recognizes self-identified gender identity for those restrooms marked as Men and Women.


1. Great Debates: bring as many teams as you like, Gary Larson tabroom.

2. Hospitality: Snack Tent, slow pour coffee w/the Neighbors (Len and Rachel), all 6 meals Sat and Sunday. Survivor's party and elims at the Convention Center downtown.

3. Coordination with the ADA Fall Champs to allow for a full Novice, JV and Varsity experience.

Shirley, something slightly different:

1. 7 Prelims + Doubles Sunday, Octos-Finals Monday

2. Side Equalization (Round 7 will count towards side-equalization)

3. Yes Break Brackets

See you before long! WoHoo Debate!