College Park Middle School Classic

2023 — The Woodlands Texas, TX/US

Dear Middle School Speech and Debate Coach:

We would like to invite you to The Woodlands College Park First annual speech, drama, and debate tournament.

Preliminary debate rounds will occur on Friday, November 10th, with debate elimination rounds occurring on Saturday, November 11th. All other events will occur on Saturday only! If your school is not debating, you do not have to attend the tournament on Friday, February 24.


Registration will open at 8:00 am on Monday, September 11th. Once we reach capacity, new schools will not be able to register.

We want to make sure we have the quality judges and facility to provide you the most beneficial and equitable tournament. To give schools an equal opportunity to enter their students, we will implement the following procedures:

  • When registration opens on Monday, September 11th each school will be initially limited to...
    • 6 entries per event in individual events and Congressional Debate.
    • 4 entries per event in Lincoln-Douglas and public forum debate.
    • 3 entries in world schools debate.
  • On Monday, November 6th , we will take entries off of the waiting list as space allows. To maintain competitive balance, we will pull evenly from all schools, and we will not accept more than 10 entries per event from any school.

New entries willnot be accepted after 4:00 pm on Tuesday, November 7th.

The drop deadline is 4:00 pm on Thursday November 9th. Drops after this deadline will forfeit the original entry fee. You can make name substitutions during registration.


Quality Judging is a priority for our tournament. We will have a combination of volunteer teachers coaches and parents and Selected High School students. All will attend a training session to better produce ballots for you and your students.


If you have any questions, email Andrew Gibson at We look forward to seeing you in November.


Andrew Gibson—Director of Speech and Debate
Emily Haygood - Debate President and Student Tournament Coordinator
Jessie Merriwether - Debate Vice President and Student Tournament Coordinator