CDA Novice Scrimmage

2023 — Stamford, CT/US

On behalf of AITE and Coach Claude Morest, you are invited to the CDA’s 14th annual Novice Scrimmage in Stamford on Saturday, September 23, 2023. We will use the Parliamentary debate format.

As we did last year, we are distributing the motion and packet prior to the tournament so Novices can review it with their Coach prior to the event. The topic is:

This House, as a teacher, would permit the use of Chat GPT and other generative AI for class assignments.

The motion packet is available for download or copying in three formats:

Microsoft Word


Google Doc

All Novice debaters are expected to have read the packet and prepared their cases before the tournament. Coaches and Varsity debaters are welcome to work with Novices during the two weeks before the event. We do ask all parties to refrain from doing additional research.


This is a scrimmage for members of the Connecticut Debate Association. We welcome interested parties who are looking to join the league.

For information about the league, activities and format, please see our website, For questions or comments, please email:

Everett Rutan

Executive Director

Connecticut Debate Association