Three Rivers TOC NIETOC at Upper St Clair

2024 — Upper St Clair, PA/US



Welcome back to a live in-person two-day tournament in the Pittsburgh area that will attempt to continue the legacy of high-quality speech & debate competition fostered by the Bethel Park and North Hills invitationals of the past.

If you have any pre-tournament questions or issues, please email Ben Edwards at



USCHS: 1825 McLaughlin Run Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15241 (Speech & Congress)

Ft. Couch Middle School: 515 Ft. Couch Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15241 (Debate)

Teams should go to the High School first to register (unless you only have debate) and then debaters should be transported to Ft. Couch by your team. Speech and Congress will remain at USCHS. Debate judges should go straight to Ft. Couch Middle School.

You will need to provide your own transportation at the beginning of the tournament to both locations on Friday (they are roughly 1mi apart) and on Saturday Morning. The projected schedule should reflect current busing laws. Busing will be provided to USCHS at the end of rounds at Ft. Couch. All break rounds will occur at USCHS. You CANNOT arrive earlier at USCHS than 3:15 Friday and before 4:00 at FCMS or your bus will interfere with our busing.

This tournament is, as always, contingent on District Staffing capabilities and the Upper St. Clair School District will have the final word on holding the tournament and any changes will be announced as early as possible so that an acceptable virtual tournament can be held. Due to the current COVID situation, it is incredibly unlikely that this tournament will be moved online outside of a weather-related catastrophe.

As in the past, there will be a block of rooms available at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South Hotel for our out-of-town competitors. Anyone interested should contact Gretchen Stein individually at 412-347-0351. Rooms for Friday night are $119 if you are tax exempt and $129 if you are not. You can cancel without penalty in this block until the day before.



All events will follow NSDA Rules including debate evidence rules except as indicated below. All events will be run on, so please make sure all students are registered and "linked" before the tournament begins. Double-entries will be permitted in all speech events other than Extemp and capped at two events/competitor. Tiebreakers are done with PHSSL rules in all events. Powering in debate begins in R3. A bracket will be used for debate breaks and R4&5 in speech will be "snaked". PHSSL rules can be found here: PHSSL RULES

BIAs: Anyone with any issues during the tournament can access our Belonging and Inclusion Advocates, John Hollihan (Debate) and Erin Wolf (Speech). They provide interpersonal support to participants who feel excluded from an aspect of the tournament and also safeguard against potential violations of the NSDA Harassment and Discrimination policy. Competitors, Coaches, Judges are entitled to this resource and you can gain access to one of them by texting your name, location, and issue to 4123763490.

TOC bids are awarded for these events notated with an*

– LD Finals and Gold PF (Finals) & Silver PF(Semis) Debate

– Congressional Debate (Top 6)
–Speech(number of bids pending event size*)

*Bids are awarded based on the actual entries in a given event:

If 8-15 competitors enter, the Champion will receive a bid.

If 16 to 29 people compete, the Top Three receive bids.

If 30-59 or more are in an event, the Top Six receive bids.


By number of contestants so be sure to take the number of duo entries x 2. We offer bids in DI, DUET, DUO, EXT, HUM, INF, OO, POI.

  • 0-19 contestants = FIRST PLACE BID
  • 20-34 contestants = FIRST, SECOND & THIRD PLACE BIDS
  • 35-50 contestants = FINAL ROUND BIDS
  • 51-70 contestants = SEMIFINAL ROUND BIDS
  • 71-99 contestants = QUARTERFINAL ROUND BIDS
  • 100 + contestants = OCTOFINAL ROUND BIDS

Lincoln-Douglas Debate* - Resolved: The United States ought to substantially reduce its military presence in the West Asia-North Africa region.

Public Forum Debate* - Resolved: The United States federal government should ban single-use plastics.

Policy Debate - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.

Parliamentary Debate - All extemporaneous topics and topic areas. PHSSL Rules.

Congress*: legislation packet will be posted by 2/3 @ 4PM. SuperSession will have separate legislation. Please email Alison McBee ( by 1/31 with legislation from participating teams.

Extemp*: International & US topics will be addressed throughout the tournament. We will do NSDA CX in Finals.

Original Oratory*


Dramatic Interpretation of Literature*

Humorous Interpretation of Literature*

Duo Interpretation of Literature*

Programmed Oral Interp*

Prose* PHSSL Rules

Poetry* PHSSL Rules

Declamation NCFL Rules except all grades are welcome to participate

Friday 2/9 Rounds will be released as soon as they are available

Arrival at both buildings, registration, and welcome 3:30 (USCHS) -4:00pm (Ft. Couch)

Four debate rounds projected to end at 9pm with a dinner break

Three speech rounds projected to end at 9:30 with a dinner break

Two policy/parli debate rounds

One session of Congress

Saturday 2/10 Rounds will be released as soon as they are available

Arrival at both buildings and begin rounds 7:30am-8:00am

Two preliminary debate rounds, then octos, quarters, semis, finals (aiming to be done by 4:00pm)

Two snaked speech prelim rounds followed by quarters (if necessary), semis, and finals (aiming to be done by 4pm)

Two parli/policy prelim rounds, then semis and finals (aiming to be done by 4pm)

One session of Congress followed by a Supersession that will aim to finish at 4pm

Awards at 5pm-ish

*Any changes to the schedule based on numbers will be announced by Wednesday , February 7.

Our hope is to continue to have have some fun activities available for students who have been eliminated/waiting for postings on Saturday. Out of town schools who have fulfilled their judging obligations and want to get on the road can request their awards early.



Judges for hire - If you are looking for a judge or if you are a judge who would like to participate, please email Ben Edwards at directly.

Here is a link to some judging resources that may help you:

Because this is a TOC/NIETOC tournament, we must insist that you provide experienced judges. Judges must be registered and linked on with a valid phone number. Debate judges require a paradigm. Judges are responsible for ALL ROUNDS even if your school is eliminated. The #1 reason this tournament has been delayed in the past is because judges are unavailable to judge later rounds where multiple judges are necessary. If you miss a round, the tournament reserves the right to fine your school$50/round missed.

All debate events - 1 judges per every two entries. Odd numbers require the same number of judges as the next highest even number (ex. 3 debate entries = 2 judges). All debate judges can judge Parliamentary debate. Disclosure will be mandatory in all debates, but there will not be time for oral critiques.

Congress & Speech events – judges in congress could be placed in speech, but the burden is still separate for Congress
1 judges for 1 to 5 entries. Please inform your Speech/Debate/Congress judges of this grouping. Please identify if you can parli congress or if you prefer to judge Congress on your judge registration.



$10 School Fee

$15/individual competitor

$25/team events (Policy, Parli, PFD, Duo)

$50/round for missed judging assignments

$100/judge for hired judging/day (availability limited)

$250 fine/missing judge. Just hire a judge!



Physical awards of some type will be given to all semi-finalists and finalists in speech and quarterfinalists in debate for events of a certain size. Speech semi-finalists and debate quarterfinalists will be recognized. For smaller events, awards and recognition may be reduced at the discretion of the tournament. Quarterfinalists will only be recognized verbally unless the field is large enough.

  • Sweepstakes will be awarded based on speech, debate, and overall (Large and small school based on 9-12 populations of participating schools. Fewer than 1000 total students are considered small schools). They will include the Top 15 entries from each school and will count no more than three in each event. Adjustments will be made to equalize the impact of event winners an size of field and will be calculated by a team of independent actors from different regions.

Weight of different categories will be equalized in the calculation of sweepstakes. The final method will be calculated by a neutral party and an available to anyone who requests it.

There will be separate awards for small and large schools based on the size of the high school population.