Damus Hollywood Invitational

2023 — Sherman Oaks, CA/US

Welcome to the 2023 Damus Hollywood Invitational

Notre Dame High School will host the Damus Hollywood Invitational on November 10-12, 2023. Novice and varsity policy will be hosted in-person at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. Novice and varsity LD will be hosted in-person at Harvard-Westlake's Upper School in Studio City on Friday and Saturday and all remaining elimination rounds will be hosted at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks on Sunday .These campuses are about a mile from each other. Lunches will be provided for policy divisions on Friday and Saturday and for LD on Saturday only. The open WSD division will be hosted online on Zoom.

All competitors must represent the school for which they are currently enrolled, have principal approval to compete as part of the school’s official debate team and have an adult chaperone available on-campus throughout the entire tournament (unless they are competing in WSD online then an adult chaperone must be available online throughout the entire tournament). No independent entries will be accepted. No hybrid entries (meaning students from different schools competing together as a single entry in policy or WSD) and no mavericks will be accepted outside of the novice and JV divisions.

We are a quarterfinal bid to the Tournament of Champions in varsity policy and a semifinal bid to the Tournament of Champions in varsity LD. We also hope to have a diverse national pool of competitors in both varsity policy and LD that will ensure a better points standing for the NDCA Championships.

Invitations and registration for these events are posted on this website (see the tabs to the right).

Best wishes,

Christina Phillips, Director of Debate, Notre Dame High School

Mike Bietz and Scott Phillips, Debate Coaches, at Harvard-Westlake