Super Prestigious Theory MiniDebate Tournament

2023 — San Jose, CA/US

Hosted ONLINE over Teams

Thursday, May 25th, 2022

Tabroom Staff: Xavier Liu, Rohan Lingam

Equity Officer: Rohan Lingam

Equity Form (anonymity is an option): To be posted

Registration: Only Bellarmine College Prep rising sophomores will be allowed to enter this tournament. All other schools will be dropped from the tournament without notice or warning.

Welcome to the 4th Annual Bellarmine Theory MiniDebate Invitational! The tournament schedule can be accessed by clicking on the "Schedule" page on the sidebar to the right. For speech times, look at the page titled "Speech Times."


ALL MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS will take place over MESSENGER via the joint rising sophomore/junior group chat. Contact any of the rising juniors to be added to the chat.


Pairings for all rounds will be posted on Tabroom. The tournament schedule will be listed on a separate custom page on the side bar. Please make sure that you know which room you will be debating in.

Competition will take place in a Microsoft Team. Check the Messenger chat the morning of the tournament to find the link to the Team where instructions will be given out.


This tournament is geared towards rising sophomores attending debate camp over the summer. There will be six preliminary rounds and subsequent elimination rounds. Each round will debate a different theory argument. Further details about speech times are listed under the "Speech Times" page.

When a round begins, your judge will reveal the resolution. Then, you'll have a period of 2 minutes to prep out your given side. After the period ends, the first affirmative constructive (1AC) will begin and introduce arguments defending their side. The first negative constructive (1NC) will then begin - it will respond to the 1AC and introduce arguments defending their position. The next two rebuttal speeches (1AR and 1NR) will explain why they have won the debate. Each team will receive 30 seconds of preparation time to use at any point in the debate.